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#FrameItFriday (week 9 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (Week 9 season 6)

You know, for a minute I thought "maybe we won't see the propane truck in our driveway until fall" and BOOM, I get their bill emailed to me. I jinxed it, sorry folks. We didn't even SEE or HEAR the orange and gold truck back in to the driveway and the guy bring out the hose and fill the tank. Guess we're super hibernating here, binging too many shows and watching the news too much. TIME TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, just in time for a blizzard that's to roll in late tonight. I'm sick of winter, last year it was "ok" now it's like "get lost already".

What am I saying? We're actually going (come hell or high snow drifts) to check out the AC/DC show at the Marble Arts Centre put on by Tweed & Company Theatre group. The best part? I'm going to be shooting the show! In fact, I'm hoping to be shooting all of this season's shows (much like I did at the Sanderson Centre a few years back). It will take me a bit to get used to shooting in dark theatres again as I'm a teensy bit rusty but once "Stella Gets Her Groove Back" watch out for some show shots presented by our amazing local theatre company. I will have to find my "fav shooting spots" like I had at the Sanderson except instead of "spacious" it will be "intimate". Either way, it will keep me out of trouble, hopefully.

Last Saturday we went to the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto and finally met in person a cool YouTuber I follow (who by the way is tinier in person but her new H20 canoe is not) wandering around that show was interesting and the temptation to buy certain camping products was overwhelming but I resisted temptation mostly because I did not see what I wanted there, specifically a proper mount to install on my kayak to make iPhone video. Most likely I'll have to invent something. I just scored a bunch of stickers for my laptop and got my photo taken with a giant marshmallow on a stick. Suddenly we were jammed in like sardines at the show and we all wanted out of there. The best thing about the day was that we figured out the dates for our 3rd annual family backcountry camp trip AND the destination. I don't want to jinx us getting a campsite so I'll let you know once it's booked. My daughter-in-law is the official trip organizer and she does an amazing job at putting it all together. Our request=remote as possible and I know she'll deliver :)

If money was not an issue and you had a chance to go away right now, where would you go?

Peace, love and kumbaya,


(who now is officially sick and tired of winter)

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