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#FrameItFriday (week 9, season 3)

What an odd week it has been. Lots of snow where we are and for a few days we weren't going anywhere. Blinding snow storms and bitter cold are no fun to shoot in, so I didn't. Instead I read. Been a while since I've picked up a book with lots of words in it. I inhaled books when I was a kid and was a regular at the bookmobile every Thursday. Yes, bookmobile. An RV with books on shelves, if you've never seen or been in one.

I learned one thing, my camera batteries do not like the cold one single bit, much like myself. Just had to squeeze that observation in here some where.

I've been hanging out with my daughter and I'm really enjoying her company. She has a good eye and is not one to lug around a big camera like her mum. She uses her phone and viewing her shots has been interesting and eye opening. Eye opening because although we shoot a lot of the same things her shots are from angles I've never given much thought to doing. So she's teaching me and I'm intrigued and it has given me a fresh perspective that I will try and incorporate into my images. She's also given me a few good ideas about what I can do on this page to shake things up a bit. It's exciting and I'm grateful for this time together with her.

Today the sun is out a bit which distracts one from the deep freeze temps. I can see across the lake and for the past couple of hours we've had a flurry of hungry Blue Jays gorging on the tray of seeds I've put out. It's like the YYZ on March break around here. I'm killing time waiting to hear back about an adventure I've booked for us to embark on today. Fingers crossed we get to go. I'll fill you in next week, how about that?

Like the Blue Jays, my laptop is inhaling my phone data so I will end this now before I max it out. Whatever you get up to this weekend I hope you enjoy it safely.

Peace, love and kumbaya!


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