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#FrameItFriday (week 6 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 6 season 6)

"Campbell's soup makes you poop....." yada yada yada...remember singing that? Ok, so it's not the most pleasant start to this weeks blog...nor are wieners and beans! OMG yuck! Having said "yuck", it was a staple lunch back in the day. Race home from school at lunch time and sitting down at the kitchen table and your mum serves you a steaming bowl of them. You didn't complain, you scarfed them down and headed back to your friends in the schoolyard to play Red Rover, Snatch the Flag or 4 square or something like's THAT FOR A RUN-ON SENTENCE eh? lol

I was super lucky to get permission from a chap who said it was cool for me to explore his old farmhouse. FINALLY! It's so exciting (for me anyhow) to get access to at least one empty place to carefully explore and snag some photos. So, over the next few weeks I'll be dropping random shots of what I saw inside of it. I won't be showing the exterior though, sorry, but the place has been ransacked by trespassers and I don't want to encourage any more people to go there by giving it's location. Also, there's areas of the home that the floors are caving in...not safe. It doesn't have that look that it's been "recently abandoned". It would seem that coyotes or racoons pass through and nap amongst the wreckage. In the summer I imagine that Turkey Vultures use it as their nest along with the swallows. I'm glad we went the other day. I'd heard stories from other explorers who'd come up to explore second floors of abandoned structures during nesting season and had gotten attacked by a mama vulture protecting her young in an upstairs bedroom. How does she protect her young? Well, she projectile vomits at you, nice eh? Well this story is taking a vile turn now isn't it? I should go, my mammogram appointment got moved up (sooner it's over the better) and I've got a SEED party to prep for (meeting at my friends and we're exchanging plant seeds, veggie seeds, etc). Next year I hope to contribute some seeds from our garden for others rather than this year when I show up and take whatever I can (that sounds greedy doesn't it?). I will just take what I need except I ain't growing no wieners & beans that's for sure!

Have a great weekend folks!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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