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#FrameItFriday (week 6 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 6 season 4)

The wind is blowing, we’ve had a plop of snow dumped on us here in Brantford and my friend sent me this shot. It’s a view from her back deck of her bunkie, soon to be my bunkie. Ok, “our bunkie” but I call first dibs on what or who goes in there. 82 days to go.

Today the MacBook Pro that crashed and burned TWO(2)days before the warranty was up, goes “under the knife” for screen replacement or something like that. My attempts to backup my images to an external hard drive while I awaited the part failed as well. It would seem that there’s a bit more going on inside that laptop of mine than the screen just going black. It was not for lack of trying and countless trips to curbside pick up the correct adapters to activate an external screen. All failed because it appears part of the brain of my computer is fried. I sure hope they can fix it without me losing all of my images currently stored on there. The backing up part is all on me for fault, that’s for sure but the screen biting the dust in just under a year on a product that has such a good rep is disappointing. Maybe I got a lemon. I know one thing, I am so, so grateful that it crashed 2 days before warranty expired not 2 days after! I had no idea when it expired, I forgot when I’d bought it and well, the receipt and stuff are packed in a 40foot long transport. Anyhow, fingers crossed. I have to say that thus far I’ve been impressed with the service from Apple (no I’m not boot licking) it’s true. On the phone they’ve been pleasant and helpful, in the store they’ve ensured the safety of their staff and customers during COVID times. I’m impressed. I did joke with the Check-In guys at the mall about how much easier it would be to fly out of Toronto airport to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean than it is to get into the mall. Please, I’m not complaining one bit, I’m actually impressed on how organized they are and how safe I feel going in to deal with my laptop repair. It is just one example of how businesses deal with keeping their customers happy during lockdown. Of course if you have the resources to orchestrate it all it sure helps and we all know Apple can afford it. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for small businesses to stay afloat in this adapt or die lockdown which is why we should try and support them (small business)during these times. I’m dealing with the big Apple only because it’s warranty stuff otherwise I’d be using local. So there’s my little story for the week. Wish me luck this afternoon as I take my little sick lappy in for it’s repair. I hope you are all doing ok and staying safe.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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