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#FrameItFriday (week 6, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 6, season 3)

Heyyyyyy.....guess who passed her man cold on to her husband? Yup...this gal! Poor guy has been home all week sneezing, coughing, sniffling...he's promised to return the favour to me one day (I can't wait! Actually, I can). I've been laying low as well, still got the entrails of a cough. I did get out for a few explores in my car but have been keeping away from the gen pop as to not spread my germy joy. Cabin fever is rampant around here.

Speaking of cabin fever. The shot I've posted is what my friend and I thought was the entry to Al Capone's not so secret Ontario hideaway. It's not. We were running out of daylight and have been told we missed it "by this much". I got "squirrelled" whilst planning my upcoming northern Ontario explore. Capone's place and a funky old church have been placed on the "return to" list for this coming summer and fall.

Heading north and sniffing out cool places is a bit tricky this time of year. A lot of the roads I prefer to head along remain unplowed. Those are the coolest roads as you can well imagine. So, perhaps I may keep close to #StudioNorth this adventure and slap on some snowshoes and find out what's lurking in the woods nearby. Maybe even burn a few calories. It's all up in the air but I'm making all kinds of plans. Perhaps I'll hang said plans on a dart board and whatever one the dart hits, I'll do that day. Hmmmmm Oh and I also booked a really cool thing to do and well, you'll have to wait until the end of the month at least to see what I got up to......

I was wondering something......did you all know that you can buy a print or canvas of my #ChickPicotheDay? Yes you can. I'm just reminding you. I haven't set up my online store yet on my website because honestly my brain can't handle another "technological task". Keeping up on social media sites is tedious enough. Just shoot me a message if you see one you like. I'm going to keep it old school for the image sales for now. Any photos sales help with putting gas in my car, or getting new brakes...I think I'll be needing those soon and for sure summer tires. Just sayin'. Also I'm available for house photos, headshots, family shots, events, etc, etc. don't forget.

I shot an amazing show last night at the Sanderson Centre. Classic Albums Live-Fleetwood Mac. The artists were so talented! I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan and I think I have at least 3 vinyl copies of Rumours, a couple CDs of said same album and most likely downloaded some from iTunes. It was a high shot night because whenever I know the words to the songs (like all of them last night) I can't stop shooting. Singing and shooting and dancing, it was like took me until 11:30pm last night to upload the images I took. I better go see what all I got and do some culling and editing. Stay tuned for those shots.

Finally, if YOU have any ideas of where I can explore in the northeastern part of the province of Ontario, let me doesn't know EVERYTHING and this is a great opportunity too literally "tell me where to go" lol but be kind. Happy weekend!

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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