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#FrameItFriday (week 51 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 51 season 5)

First I forgot it was Friday, then I realized it was blog day but my mind went blank, so I washed the floors while the lawn boy plowed the driveway. After that I got an order for a canvas and snagged a box from the recycling and wrapped it up in 18 miles of tape. Guess I'll head out to the post office and get it off in the mail. So I headed to the post office in town via all the backroads I could find. Most of the roads have been plowed but some of my favs were not. I went down them anyhow, someone in a big old 4x4 had already gone down most of them so I stayed in the tracks (or tried to) it reminded me of those old cars they had on Centre Island in Toronto, the ones that made 8 yr olds feel like they were really driving but you could never off road because of the tracks they were on. Know what I mean? ANYHOW, about half way to my destination I remembered I hadn't done my blog yet so I tried again to think of something to write about. All I could come up with was "it was a dark, dark night......." and that was all. Blame it on Snoopy, it's his fault.

So, here I am back in my office (aka the kitchen table) and the mail has come, a bill (barf), some Christmas cards (and an annual Christmas letter, always good for a read) and an odd envelope that had been taped up that looked like it had been dropped in some slush. I opened the slushy envelope first and it had a zip lock bag with a taped up note inside it. The note was very sweet and inside the folded note was another envelope with some $$ for a calendar. The P.S. on the note said "let me know when you get this". So, Ms. Winnipeg (you know who you are) I got it!

See? Drivel, I'm writing drivel (not sure if I spelled it correctly). Let's just talk about the photo here then, just quickly. I tried to shop local for the folks on my Christmas list. The acrylic dipped light bulb was created by a young man who lives just outside of our town. I initially thought I'd gift it but decided to keep it because I really needed a cute lightbulb dipped in festive acrylic paint by a 10 yr. for the window ledge in the bathroom upstairs. I'd tell you what else I got from them and a few other fine crafty folks but some of the people I bought stuff for read this and that's the equivalent to snooping in the attic as a child for what your parents got you "from Santa".

If you didn't fall asleep reading this, have a wonderful weekend and drive safe! I'll try and think of something exciting to write about on my Christmas Eve-Eve blog next week.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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