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#FrameItFriday (week 51 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 51 season 4)

It sure was exciting to be able to stop by Community Care For Central Hastings and Community Care Treasures and hand over $500 from the sale of my 4th annual calendar for 2022! We even got a tour (from the doorways and yes we masked up for that) of their on-site kitchen facilities that pumps out 1,000 of delicious meals for their clients. The territory covered by over 400 volunteers runs as far north as Maynooth to Prince Edward County in the south, Brighton to the west and of course I forget a little town that begins with the letter "C" to the east (some reporter I am eh?). They have the cutest little store with bargains galore (as of 2 days ago they had TWO Santa suits for sale in there). Thank you to all of you who supported local, bought Canadian permitting me to make this wonderful and very well-received donation. Thank you.

I was asked many times and I will answer here again just to clarify, all of the photos in the calendar (and previous calendars) were all taken by me with the exception of the cover photo of me taken by my daughter.

So, we're out of cat food and if you have a cat that eats dry food you will know, the shelves are bare. I've sourced some out and have to dash off and get it before they sell out or YOU KNOW WHO will destroy me.

This time next week will be Christmas Eve (if you partake in the festivities) or if you don't, it will be the 24th either way, please stay safe this coming week. After I get the cat food I'll be trying to focus on getting some photos for y'all. Pinky swear.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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