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#FrameItFriday (week 51, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 51, season 2) #ChickPicotheDay #MyFav12of2018

Tick-tock down to the wire....I've just realized Christmas Eve is Monday....I thought I had an extra day next week but I don't....oh well, the world won't end, that's for sure.

This week I have to start out with a HUGE, HUGE shout-out to Posterjack, I'm proud to say is a CANADIAN company out of Mississauga.

Remember the Porch Pirates stole my order off my porch? Well, ya that SUCKED but after a bit of investigating from Purolator and Posterjack (to make sure I wasn't anyone) Posterjack re-printed and re-shipped my 24" x 36" framed canvas to me, I got it last night! I am so, so thrilled and impressed with them AND the quality of workmanship and how it came wrapped, etc.

I would not hesitate to recommend them for your photography printing (and no, not just because they replaced the stolen canvas) the workmanship that goes in to the finished product is amazing and did I mention it's a Canadian company? THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE POSTERJACK FAMILY. I will post a picture of the canvas hanging once I get the right nails to hang it with. Doesn't it look amazing??? (see first photo below)

BTW because of that incident we now have security cameras installed and I put the empty box (sans my address)back out on the porch to see if it takes a walk again....I'll keep you posted on my little experiment (and NO I did not fill it with cat poop or glitter & a fart bomb).

Ok, so we're 4 sleeps away from the big old Christmas Day and it seems appropriate that I post MY personal fav #ChickPicotheDay shots for 2018 with stories accompanying each photo. Make sure you click on each picture to see what I say about them.

Thank you to everyone for your follows, likes, comments, purchases, hiring me to cover your events, buying my first calendar, shoot your faces, shoot your family and all that razzmatazz. I truly appreciate your supporting me on my photographic journey this past year.

I look forward to what scenery catches my eyes in 2019 and promise I'll try and get some exciting new stuff up here. It's exciting that I've got some bookings for 2019 already! I'm pretty pumped about expanding my little #PhotoaDay project through a couple of new outlets beginning in the new year, watch for it!

Most importantly I would like to thank my family for their support, being good sports and letting me take their photos and for being there with me on some of my adventures (that includes you too #StellaCat). It's nice to have the company.

Wishing you and your families the happiest of holidays and here's to a picture perfect 2019!

Peace, love and kumbaya,



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L-R 1-12

1)This was along Sand Road (as others call it). It is one sandy road for summer. As I struggled along in the snow along this sweet little "road" I was surprised to see this sledder coming towards me. I was also terrified because I didn't want to move over when we did pass because....deep snow, stuck car and CAA would most likely not come down it.

2)This is a porch view from #StudioNorth our fav place to escape to and a great launching pad to northern Ontario road explores. A wonderful place to get wildlife shots at, fish, spend time with family. Moose? of these days I'll see one up there.

3)I asked and received permission to explore the old Post Office/future City Hall in downtown Brantford this year. It was especially cool to go up inside the clock tower and take some shots. I felt like a time traveller in this space.

4)This was taken on Hwy.127 north out of Maynooth, Ontario. Best part about this shot? My wee mum was with me when we met up with this bold dude.

5)This was taken just outside of Buckhorn, Ontario. It's in an area where you can drop in your kayak or canoe and go for a paddle along. I suppose tubing to. I'll be heading back there in February to see what it looks like with snow covered trees.

6)This was a bit of an oopsy edit and it looks like the Apocalypse but it's actually just a huge-ass fireworks display celebrating the 10th anniversary of our city's downtown Harmony Square BrantfordSuch a wonderful celebration!

7)I know this is kind of gross but it's the circle of life. This overheated young mother felt comfortable enough to hang around our house this past summer when it was oppressively hot and humid. She was exhausted yet she went out and snagged some dinner for her little baby kitty. I wonder where they are now?

8)This is Kiddo, my grand puppy. She was a bit sad because her mum and dad went out for a paddle without her. I can't wait to get her up to the lake next summer and go swimming!

9)Did I mention we like going to #StudioNorth? Unless there's ice on the big old pond we're going paddling. Thanks to my husband who sets up these shots for me, like little photographer traps....must take the shot.

10)Ok, so he's not LOOKING at my camera (because I told him just to stand there, back to me, arms outstretched) He's my biggest fan and supporter and I love him to pieces.

11)I do love being home but there's something about the hidden treasures of the north and the need to explore. For some reason this new road I found is closed in the winter....any guesses why? 

12)Part of the Pet/Human client contract reads "I must appear as one of your fav pics of the year blogs". It was not long after this shot was taken that this little devil ate red tissue paper from a gift bag beneath the tree. Now we've no presents under the tree as they've been hid away. How did we know she ate something? Well, without going into too many showed up in the litter box. #StellaCat I had less than 5 seconds to get this shot, just saying.

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