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#FrameItFriday (week 50 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 50 season 4)

Who's this cutie? Why it's no other than Gloria who hails from northern Ontario and is cute as a button and 88 years young. If I'm correct, this is the 4th year she's received one of my calendars. She looks forward to seeing what's in them every year and loves displaying it in her home. I get excited when she orders because that means she sends me a Christmas card. I love getting her Christmas cards and reading her lovely notes, they make my year! It's a win-win! Asides from going around all year round looking and taking photos, the best part of my yearly calendar sales are my supporters. Thank you Gloria, thank you to those of you who contributed to my annual sale of calendars and in turn I can donate a portion of those sales proceeds to support a local charity. I'll be posting that photo within the next week or so.

On another matter, I do believe I should be banned from late night online shopping, especially after last night. I mean I'm not spending tons of money but since we've moved here I've made some questionable purchases and picked up some really cool "free stuff". The intent is to use some for photo props. Said props are now safely stored in our garage for the winter, next year I will try and utilize them in some manner or else we'll be having one huge garage sale. Mostly I enjoy the cool free things I stumble upon but last night, well if it all comes together as planned it's a doozy of DIY project. The look on my husband's face this morning pretty much summed it all up. Eyes as wide as saucers and a statement to the effect of "it's a what??" As with anything I've bought or acquired my imagination brings them to life before my eyes. It's the "how it comes to life part and when" that is the tricky part. It will be an interesting project, I'll fill you in later if it all actually falls into place.

ONE MORE THING, VERY IMPORTANT for my BRANTFORD friends, this event is THIS SUNDAY and the music lineup is outstanding. Lots of talented local musicians are performing in support for our dear friends and former neighbours Dave and Barb. Barb is still in hospital!! Here's the details:

Well, it's time for me to get out there and grab some snow shots so off I go. Have a safe weekend everyone.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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