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#FrameItFriday (week 5 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 5 season 4)

Ahhhhhhhhhh so this day is what I would call Avalanche Day. It began at the top of a huge snow covered mountain with an epic view spread before me. Aka “I woke up on the right side of the bed.” Opened my laptop to prepare to post my photo of the day and do my blog and BOOM someone at the top of the mountain farted and thus began the avalanche. The black screen became the call to Apple and the “place 4 fingers on this button, this button and that button plus a 5th finger” on my keyboard (wait, am I learning guitar string notes or trying to diagnose my computer?). The avalanche at this point had reach the tree line by now. Appointment at Apple store this afternoon was setup. I already know what they’ll tell me there BUT just in case I placed a curbside order for a monitor and adapter in case the cost to repair screen is too much. Have you ordered from Best Buy yet? Picture going into the grocery store with a cart but you can only order curbside for one item at a time. I needed 2 items. At the grocery store you just put the second item in your cart. Makes sense. At Best Buy though, you need to place second item in a second cart. Are you following me still? Sounds stupid but ok, I had to place two separate back to back orders. Ok, whatever, I just want my laptop to be fixed so I placed the orders. So I think I plugged that avalanche and went out for my daily walk until my curbside orders were ready. Out on the trails, get a text telling me my visa did not go through for an item I ordered and to contact Best Buy. Cue the avalanche. Trying to feed birds while I wait on hold and finally told to contact my credit card company. So security on credit card was alerted to the back to back orders and my card went into lockdown (which I’m kind of grateful for because there’s so much fraud yadayada). Since I always go walking with my credit card (NOT) I cut short my walk to get home and stop the avalanche. I think (fingers crossed) I’m currently holding the avalanche at bay until I get to see the Apple tech and get notified of my Best Buy order is ready. One way or another I’ll get back up and running with access to my laptop and all of the images I have on it. OF COURSE my stuff is not backed up and whatever you do, don’t say “did you back up to the cloud?” as that is another avalanche on another mountain waiting for someone to fart. Other than that, things are good. Hope you’re all safe and healthy. Bare with me, may have to go into reruns for bit.

Peace, love and kumbaya





P.s. I didn’t proofread this or anything so don’t judge my grammar etc. 😢

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