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#FrameItFriday (week 5, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 5 season 3)

WINNER, WINNER, Chicken dinner or as I say it: Winner, winner canvas print! Congratulations to Julie Chamberlain from Port Perry, Ontario you are the winner of one of my lovely 16"x24" canvas print! I've actually known Julie since high school (but sadly haven't seen her since that time) but via the powers of Facebook we have re-connected! Julie, if you must know is a hardcore Bon-Jovi fan, proud Mother of Cats, married to the love of her life, mega fan of #StellaCat and most important of all a Cancer survivor! Congratulations Julie! Please message me your address so I can send you out your canvas! Thank you to all of you who participated and stay tuned because I do believe I'll be holding another draw soon-ish.

This past week was all about me and my Man case you hadn't caught my subtle daily hints. I was a gigantic baby and I apologize for my whining. I also turned a year older and because of such occasion I received some pretty cool gifts like a 4TB external back up drive, a charger, a booster for our modem, a cool book on street photography, one of those cool salt lamps, a new mouse and the cutest set of shot glasses that look like miniature camera lenses....oooo and an ice cream cake. ALL things I need to keep my photo business. Such thoughtful gifts (even though I said "I don't need anything, just my family all together for a hangout".) I am grateful to have had both. What does that all mean? Well all you meme sharers...........JANUARY WILL BE OVER TOMORROW!

BTW, did you see my shots from the Circa Human show I finally got to post? Check them out on my page will you please? My goodness those performers were so, so talented and muscular. I've also just shared some shots from the Hyprov with Colin Mochrie & Asad Mecci show. They're hilarious! I once took an improv course and all I can remember is one evening our entire class strutted and clucked around the room like chickens. As I studied Colin on stage the other night, I observed his actions leading up to every skit. He'd kind of pace/strut around the stage (like we did in class), it appeared as though he was soaking in all the suggestions the audience shouted to him while he mentally wrote his script, I think or maybe he just had to go to the bathroom.

I seriously can't wait to get back to work next week because these blogs are getting crazier by the week. I blame the meds.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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