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#FrameItFriday (week 49, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 49, season 2)

We're up at #StudioNorth this week, including the cat (who drooled the whole way up and only barfed once). She's been napping 23 hours a day since she arrived.

Not me, I am in my glory! So many backroads, so little time.

I know I've said it many times before but we're so lucky here in Ontario, it's gorgeous. I have been a good girl (pretty close to Christmas and you know, Santa is watching)Some of my fall roads are now blocked with huge snowplow mounds and tempting as they may look, I haven't tried to blast through the snow drifts to drive on them.

I have yet to see a moose (I give up) but I have seen 3 deer (prancing out of the woods and boing, boing, boing in front of me and disappearing in the trees), 1 black mink, a stubborn red squirrel in the middle of the road and a sand truck driver named Alfie. I already told you about Alfie (see Driving in my Car-Part 1 video somewhere on my feed this week).

I was in a gas station yesterday and on the counter was a map (see photo). It's the 2019 Snowmobile Trail Guide for the region. I asked the clerk if it was free (it is) so I grabbed a copy.

Clerk said: "what kind of sled do you have?"

Me: "2016 Hyundai Tucson"

She laughed and laughed.

She doesn't know me very well now does she?

Listen, before you start tsk-tsking me, I got the map so I know what trails I'm NOT allowed to go on, geesh!

OK, it's sunny out my time up here is limited. The roads are calling me. Have a great weekend and THANK YOU ALL for your kinds words on my shoutout article from City of Brantford Tourism​.

Peace, love, kumbaya,


#CanonGirl #BrantfordPhotographer #StudioNorth #HeatherCardlePhotographer #PhotoBlog

**FYI there is still time to get prints or canvas or whatever for Christmas, hit me up if you see a shot I've posted that you want to see on YOUR wall.

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