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#FrameItFriday (week 48 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 48 season 5)

That huge dump of snow we received up here this past Saturday is dripping off the eaves and into the ground's ugly snow now. What does one do when ugly snow shows up? One thing is to write your to-do list in your blog so people can hold you accountable to all the chores you said you'd do. 1) Put away the patio furniture and kayaks that you forgot were still outside because they were covered in snow. 2) Test the bin of Christmas lights you thought you'd lost and recently found in the bright lime green bin marked, you guessed it "xmas lites" in big bold marker. 3) hang the lights up somewhere, outside and make sure you have enough extension cords, even more than Clark Griswold. 4)Set up skunk trap 5)Figure out where and HOW to re-locate skunk if it manages to fall for the peanut butter sandwich you left in trap (it's a LIVE trap, we're not killing it). 6)Air out garage from previously mentioned skunk farting beneath it all night long for the past few's a start.

What can you do to help? Nothing EXCEPT, support my photography by purchasing a 2023 Calendar (5th annual) $25cdn ea. shipped to you or whoever. What's good about the calendar? It's high quality, beautiful photographs (ok, I'm biased), big squares to write in to keep track of activities, old school instead of your phone, $5 from every calendar sold is being donated to Community Care For Central Hastings (check them out they do great things for folks in the community), at the end of the year you can cut out the photos and frame them as gifts. They're printed in southwestern Ontario, photos taken in Ontario, by someone (moi) who lives in Ontario. Last thing, whatever is left over after costs and donations, etc. help me put a bit of gas in my car to travel to cool places to get photos (which isn't super far at the moment due to gas prices) ANYHOW, the calendars are my annual fundraiser so I hope you can support it while quantities last. To those of you who've already received your orders, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate it.

One.More.Thing.......The Fort? The Nest? or the The Loft? what sounds best?

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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