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#FrameItFriday (week 48, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 48, season 2)

Hey y'all how was your week? Was it chock full of excitement? I couldn't tell you what I did to save my life this week, it's all a blur. I do know one thing I prefer the dollar store batteries over the more expensive Duracell's. Ask my's sputtering away right this very moment on it's last breath with a AA deluxe in it. First world problem, I know. Why I just wrote about it just now? I've no clue or perhaps it's just filler for this week's blog.

It's the last day of November and tomorrow we plug in the Christmas lights here at the house to celebrate the month of Christmas. Yes the month of Christmas. Some folks have had their lights up since beginning of November (not that there's anything wrong with that) but we wait until December 1st.

I had to stop by in my old stomping grounds yesterday to drop something off at a friend's place. She lived a few doors up from my old house in Brooklin, Ontario. I haven't been in that neck of the woods for a few years and so I took my wee mum on a bit of a road trip. Not so exciting once fall is over but we did make it up and around the beautiful rolling hills and backroads that surround the county. I was determined to snag a few shots of the area in a very short time. By the time we made it back down to Toronto my car had transformed from a steely grey to a dessert sand tan. You couldn't even read the license plate once we hit paved roads. Now THAT'S how you know you had fun, when the car is filthy from all the mucky slushy roads.

So, here's something different.....a bit of mini contest today. Mostly I'm doing it to see if anyone reads this blog......check out the sweet looking building I passed by you recognize it? First one to comment below with the correct answer wins a print from me. I'll give you a's a regular sight in a hit TV show (btw, there's a few of you on my page that already know the answer as you have been or know of someone who's been in said TV show so keep your traps shut please).

I'm off to #StudioNorth in a few days time so I'm hoping to finally have some time to get some proper winter scene shots for you leading into Christmas. I have limited availability for last minute family shots between Dec. 11th to 20th and of course the chance to purchase some framed prints and canvases I have.

Lastly, if you've purchased a calendar from me and it's been mailed and you HAVEN'T received it please message me. So far I have two that are MIA but give it another week and if you've still not received it I may have to go "postal" on a certain corporation.

Time to go, I'm taking photos with Santa tomorrow and I have to make sure I have my Santa's Elf outfit all clean and ready to wear or I'll be getting a lump of coal from him. Have a great weekend! Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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