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#FrameItFriday (week 47 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 47 season 5)

I'm excited to hear from the folks that have received their calendar orders, lovely messages in the inbox. I appreciate the support and so does the charity. Just throwing it out there but have you placed your order yet? Reason I mention is that I'd hate for you to miss out as I'm about 60% sold out. They make excellent gifts and I can drop ship them anywhere in Canada.

So remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned to y'all that I'd accidentally ordered a 48" x 30" canvas? Well it came in, last week actually and I forgot to tell yas. So initially I thought it was going to be of the Merganser Mum with her babies on her back (and I was ever so curious to see what that "Land of the Giants" image would look like) however, it was of my fav waterfall and looks very amazing don't you think? It would look MUCH better hung up. I have had approximately 10 new canvasses come in which I will be posting to sell (most 12"x8" in size). This canvas I'm showing you right now? It is available for immediate purchase for $160CDN plus shipping or you can come pick it up. Heck of a deal I say, in photo it is wrapped in plastic. The photo was taken near Kingscote Lake on the York River inside of Algonquin Park. So for all my fellow Algonquin Park fans this would be a lovely addition to your Algonquin Collection.

I finally got out for a straight up backroads photo safari this past week and looking through my cell phone pics of what I've seen and here's a peek at the list: a gigantic golf ball mailbox, a ferry, cows, sheep, goats, rusty old trucks and I also had a camera-less meetup with a buck hiding out in the woods (it's hunting season around here).

Two weeks tomorrow I will have a booth at our local The Land O' Lakes Curling Club for a Christmas Sale where I'll have some canvasses and calendars available for purchase. If you're local, stop in as it will be a full house of amazing crafters as well as it's the Festival of Christmas Trees you can bid on and win and the trees are AMAZING!

Well, time to get the snow tires on so I'll chat at ya later, hope you all are doing ok.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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