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#FrameItFriday (week 47 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 47 season 4)

This has been the longest time my car and I have been apart. I miss it. It has been sitting at the dealership in Belleville for a week now, awaiting it's fate. My little necklace with my mum's ashes in it dangling alongside my teensy dreamcatcher and my expired Algonquin Park passes from my rearview mirror. My guardian angel that I glued to the dash is doing her best to keep ANRA company.

Uber is "not a thing" where we live but lucky for me, my fam has been kind enough to shuttle me about. As much as I'd LOVE to have a brand new sparkly car with bells and whistles, it's not the best time of year to have to scour your yard to find the money tree you believe grows somewhere out there. It's all come down to a recall notice and a terminally ill car engine. Lettuce pray.

I have been biding my time doing some updating to my website, packing up calendar orders (did you get yours yet??) I'm about 75% sold out now just in case you've been waiting in the wings or sitting on the fence about ordering one. Don't forget $5 from each calendar sold is going to be donated to the Community Care For Central Hastings!

Ok, I'm trying to finish up with my fall shots but still have a few queued up in the week to come. The shot you see here is ALMOST what I wanted to get from a specific trail up in Algonquin Park. Alas a trip up to that sacred place was not in the cards for me this year but I found somewhat of a substitute on a local trail by our home. I pimped it up through photoshop in an attempt to make it appear magical. Too bad those bold red maple leafs couldn't litter the forest floor like in my imagination, oh well. The gnarly-ness is what stands out for me. Not particularly easy terrain whilst hiking but just to stop and stare at it is a cool sight to behold, to me anyhow.

Hey, my 10th anniversary for my beloved #ChickPicotheDay (a 365 days of photos gone totally rogue) is in 9 days! Should I have another contest to celebrate??? Let me know in the comments below what you think the prize should be (excluding bags of cash).

As always, feel free to like, follow, share, comment on my posts. Have a groovy weekend, time to go, my taxi is here. Stay safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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