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#FrameItFriday (week 47, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 47, season 2)

To be honest, I wish I was walking down to this dock right now, coffee in hand and parking my butt in one of these Muskoka chairs. Being serenaded by the eerie songs of a distant pair of Loons would be nice too. Wishful thinking as I layer up to go outside to a nice -6 celsius (that's 21 Fahrenheit to my non-metric friends). Brrrrrrrrrr

Flashback to reality where myself and Mother Nature are spinning our wheels thinking the landscape is a tad bland. I'm feeling a bit of pressure about the upcoming Christmas season and start decorating or baking or something. Doesn't it seem early to you? It does to me but perhaps I'll feel different once we hit December. Am I alone with these thoughts?

I've got a bit of a personal project that was dropped into my lap after a 15 year absence......a box of 8mm family videos was brought to me along with a half working camcorder. There must be 40-50 hours of epic family moments that I vaguely remember happening. After a tedious group effort of gathering and assembling a myriad of wires and cables and batteries we hooked it all up. Instead of binge watching Netflix we sat and enjoyed hours of long lost episodes of my family growing up. We laughed like crazy when we finally got to see the infamous "I Want to Get Married" video and "Holly the Killer Bird" saga and shed tears seeing footage of those who have sadly passed. It's my task to put it in some type of format that all of my family can enjoy for years to come. It will be a tedious chore but so worth it.

I had an interesting conversation with a group of folks this past week about "memories". I've talked about this subject with you all as's kind of morbid but here goes....."I wonder if my grandkids will raid my hard drives, my laptop, my Facebook, my Instagram to find photos of me and their relatives?" Will they have to spend hours trying to hook up the ancient technology and by fluke make it work and see it? Sounds like and is a hassle.....I think I'll just go back to old photo don't need to plug them in to see the photos, you just need to know how to turn the pages and most importantly PRINT out the photos to put in them!

About the photo I've posted here, you've seen it before but if you want to play pretend and escape for a pretend coffee at the end of this dock whenever there's a slight nip in the air or you need a mental health break, why not order this print? For a short time you can order a 12" x 8" for $15 ($20 delivered).

Time to go organize my gear for this weekend, I've got a few folks to shoot (with my camera) and I hear Santa AND Blue Rodeo are coming to our town for a wee visit. Feel free to like, share or comment on this post and have a great weekend whatever you end up doing!

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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