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#FrameItFriday (week 46 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 46 season 4)

So far I've been out shooting one day this week, ONE. The weather has been crap and the cherry on top is my car broke down yesterday.(after all that bragging I did about it last week) I've no clue what the diagnosis is but it's not sounding very positive. Just curious, if you all were me, in the event my car needs "to be put down", what kind of ride should I get? If you say "army tank" I'll box yer ears lol. You know, we kayak, we backroad, we ok, "I" occasionally bring home free stuff from the dump BUT I do not have a money tree out back. Having just said that, I'm not looking for anything vintage, must be a 2021, 2022 ride. I'm excited to hear what you think, oh and MOST importantly what COLOUR should I get? Now that I've spilled the beans about that, want to buy a calendar? $25 shipped to you in Canada, e-transfer to and don't forget to send me your address! $5 from EVERY calendar sold is being donated to Community Care For Central Hastings. I've sent out a couple of stacks of them and a few of you have messaged me that you got them, awesome! Did you get yours yet? Post a photo below of you showing us all what month of the 2022 calendar is your fav. I will enter your name into a draw for a free digital image of your fav month! Get on it. Oh and for those of you have already purchased my calendar, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Oooh look, another car ad is on my newsfeed, must go check. BUY my calendar, they'll make GREAT Christmas presents! Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer #LettucePray

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