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#FrameItFriday (week 46 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 46, season 3)

Hey where are all my Scorpio calendar buying friends at? How do you like what I picked for you to look at the entire month of November next year??? I've got more calendars to sell and if you celebrate Christmas at all, these would make a GREAT gift. $20 CDN shipped to you. Send an e-transfer and your mailing address to me at: *Don't forget the profits from the sale of these calendars are going to support a mental health program here in my city.

So how about the weather we're having right? We can thank my friend Sharon for putting her snow tires on her car a couple of weeks ago, that is the reason for the warmth. Thanks Sharon!

Well, last week we spent our final stay up at our beloved #StudioNorth. We've been co-owners for the past 3 years and have had made the most amazing memories there. Now another family (from Brantford too) will take our place and have their own fun up there. Since we're moving to the country next Spring, we will have nature and tranquility right outside our door, so it made sense to say adieu. #StellaCat will be happy to have her own personal #catio and not have be car sick for 4 hours to get to it.

I didn't wander too much up there, but I did turn down "those roads" that I'd been putting off exploring. The roads of which I speak are the ones that say "no exit" (most times they're a pretty long drive in to the end) and of course the "this road is not maintained". Those are my favs but I only managed to get down one. I also went in this doorless wee cottage down the road from ours that has sat vacant since we began going up there. The floor had collapsed inside it and it was a bit dangerous for walking in any further than five feet. I took a few shots and will post some eventually.

My family and I witnessed an incredible wildlife moment at the chutes. I was staring at the falls and my eyes caught something pop up in the water at the base of the chutes. It was a huge white-tailed deer, it stood up a galloped up the embankment soaked to the bones and disappeared into the woods. It had come down the roaring chutes over the huge boulders and managed to survive that fall and "get away". About 30 seconds after that I looked upstream about 500 feet to see two hunting dogs sniffing along the side of the river above the chutes, looking for the doe. The doe escaped and the two hounds wandered down to us. By the looks of them, they'd been chasing that doe for days. They were exhausted. Fortunately the owner's phone number was on one's collar and we called Eric. The dogs eyes lit up when they heard us say "Eric". They became hopeful. The story was the dogs had taken off late afternoon the day before and were at least 15-20kms from their home. The GPS trackers they both wore on their collars lost their signal, so it's good we found them. The oldest looking, skinniest, most exhausted looking hound licked my hand. He was happy we found his human and he could go for a nice long nap in his crate. Hunting dogs are nothing like city dogs. They don't get the squeaky toys and rubber balls and soft cushy beds, they live outdoors in crates and that's the way it is. I couldn't have a hunting dog because I'd want it to sleep inside and I'd have to own a gun and a love to hunt. I'd rather hunt and shoot with my camera. I have shot a gun once before and that was in the mountains in Colorado and it scared the crap out of me when I fired it. The thing about hiking in the woods I wear camouflage to get photos or do I put on the bright orange hoodie so folks will see me? Or do I wear camouflage and a hoodie? Gah! Maybe I should just pay attention to when hunting season is and take it from there.

Time to resume packing....hope y'all have a great weekend and STAY SAFE!

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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