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#FrameItFriday (week 46, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 46, season 2)

Snow Way! It happens every year, specifically every winter, around here at least. What's that you say? What am I talking about? SNOW, the white stuff.

What is wrong with me? Maybe I was NEVER a Girl Guide and that it was all a dream. Apparently I forgot their motto "Be Prepared". I hope it's not a sign of completely losing my mind. Like this was my first snowfall ever. You would think it was....and I'll give you some clues.....

A) No snow brush in my car (usually I leave it in there year round)

2) No snow shovel at back door

iii) I didn't put away the Welcome mat (it usually gets shredded up in the snowblower)

4) I haven't put my snow tires on the car yet (they help on the backroads I've discovered)

I'm sure there's more, but it's a good start. I feel like I've failed as a Canadian!

Ok so before I go out to find the shovel to shovel the driveway I thought I'd hop online here and write this up. The photo I've put on here today pretty much sums up this week. See that Canada Post van? It's full (part way) of the last of my calendars. That's right, I'm so very pleased to say I sold out! I mentioned it last night but it was late so I thought I'd say it again and say THANK YOU to all who purchased my first ever calendar. Next year I'll double my order. I hope that those of you who have already received them like what I put in them. What is your favourite month? Comment below if you've got the time.

So I won't pester you any more about calendars and I won't pimp Stella anymore as my sales cat. I will mention that if you're in need of any family Christmas shots, hit me up. I've picked up a few Christmassy props that can be used and with this snow, if it stays would be nice to take shots in or I have some backdrops that would look good for Christmas shots. I'll try and do a sample this coming weekend and post it. #StellaCat is busting out of her Santa suit and her Snowman suit at the moment so there'll be none of her.

I have a pretty cool shoot this afternoon that I'm hope to share a shot from it with you all in the next day or so....provided I don't drop my camera in the water shooting it. I have issues with my camera near water, cross your fingers.

Here's a reminder to you all....pretty much ALL of the shots I post here or on my website are available for purchase. If you're creeping my page or website and see one that catches your eye, message me and I will give you a price on a print or canvas or metal. Whatever floats your boat. Just keep in mind if you want it for a Christmas present, giddy up and get your order in. I also have some prints framed and ready to go. Link to that album will be in comments section below.

Have a great weekend and I promise I'll post a more interesting blog NEXT week. As usual, I'm in a bit of a some snow photos to take.

Peace, love and kumbaya,

Heather xo

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