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#FrameItFriday (week 45 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 45 season 5)

Hey guys, another week FLEW by (for me anyhow). Not much photo taking this past week, I've been busy going artsy-fartsy in my new little creative spot aka the woman cave, the fort, the loft. It seriously needs a name. What should I call it??? If you comment with some names below and if I decide to call it by what you think I should call it, you win one of my calendars! Gotta bribe yas to make it worth your while :). I can't remember if I mentioned or not but since we're on a tight budget around here I'm trying to create my space as cheaply as possible, free stuff is even better, recycling? yup, doing that too! Take for instance the crappy iPhone pic of the angel below.....I made it lol. I used an old barn board, sprayed it with some leftover spray paint I found up in the loft, used some of the tin I picked up a few weeks back (I bought a stack of rusty, peeling, old ceiling tiles for cheapy-cheap) and used one square of it for the wings and pilfered some grapevine wreath we yanked down off a tree behind the bunkie. I used a jig saw and tin snips (yes my son, I wore proper gloves) and here it is, a sort of hoakie looking 4ft tall angel. I like it. Saved myself $60 because that's how much they were in the store I went to. I'm saving up for proper stairs to access the loft because it's a tad treacherous using the ladder. I'm planning on using whatever is leftover after my calendar sales (after printing cost and I make the donation to the charity-which I'll announce next week) if there's any $ left I will be using it to offset building costs for some stairs to my "soon to be named" creative space.

Speaking of calendars, have you pre-ordered one yet? I've heard from the printer and he told me they've been shipped to me! Sweet, so next week when I get them I'll be shipping them off to all of you who have kindly pre-ordered! Want to order one? They cost $20 (if you pick them up from me) or $25 shipped to you anywhere in Canada (a bit more for out of country). To order send an e-transfer and your address to my email at: Also, don't forget $5 from EVERY calendar sale is going to a local Tweed charity so you'll get a year's worth of some of my recent fav photos and help out a local! Next week I hope to post a photo of the finished product, I hope you enjoy my photo choices in it. This is the 5th year for my calendars, like I said 4 hours ago when I began writing this blog, time flies!

Have a groovy weekend, stay safe!

Peace, love, kumbaya,


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