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#FrameItFriday (week 44, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 44, season 3)

I do believe I've taken a million steps since last Friday and I'm disappointed that I don't weigh 125 lbs because of having taken said steps. I haven't picked up my camera in a week. I'm suffering from digital withdrawal. I've only taken the odd iPhone shot (such as the one you see here). I see snowflakes falling outside my kitchen window and I have to make a grocery run shortly so I'm dragging my camera along with me and taking the back roads to get food. Get my fix so to speak.

What's with the photo? Well #StellaCat is "with the photo". Perched aloft on the "way too small for mummy" blue jeans. Silently judging me, yet also pretty chuffed to have this whole new play land to leap about on, sleep on, groom herself on. Little does she know that in a month she'll be temporarily bunking it with another cool kitty for 5 months in a new home. For now, we shall let her majesty view her new kingdom while we resume to pack, pack, pack.

As I sit here at my kitchen table typing away, I am becoming distracted by the white flakes floating down from the sky just outside my window. The camera has had a full week off. I think I need to dust it off and take it on a backroad drive to get groceries. I know I'm mentioning it again in the same blog, sorry, not sorry. I'm running low on photo inventory, time to stock up. I'm sure if I head in the right direction I should be able to find something interesting.

Let's talk a bit of business for a case you weren't aware, my calendars are back from the printers and they look Mah-vellous! Quite a few of you have placed your orders and the first batch has gone out in the mail to you. Not to sound the alarm, but I will anyhow, there's only a limited supply. So get your order in soon to avoid disappointment. My repeat clients have mentioned they're looking forward to cutting apart my 2020 calendar (because it's been a shitty year in case you hadn't noticed) also they're cutting out the photos from the calendar and framing them for Christmas presents! See, I told you they're a good deal. Not only can you use them as actual calendars, you can re-purpose the photos in cheap frames for gifts. Let's face it, we've all taken a huge hit in the purse this past year, just trying to save you a little coin. So get your order in quick (e-transfer $20 to my email it is simple and painless). I'm donating the profits to a local mental health charity...I'm not sure which one yet. I'll let you know.

I'm so, so, sooooooo looking forward to next week. I can't tell you about it right now but come next Friday I may have something to share with you all that does not mention the words "packing or moving".

I hope you all have a spooktacularly safe and enjoyable weekend. If you decide to hand out halloween treats, please be safe. Same with the little ghosts and goblins, keep safe too!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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