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#FrameItFriday (week 43 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 43 season 5)

Today’s lesson is “take the picture”! Trust me I’ve learned that the hard way. For instance these 2 shots were taken about a year apart. Old Hastings Road was where I first spotted this cute little hunt club shack in the forest. The 2nd shot I had to take last week when we returned there. I was shocked, I mean, look at the second shot, it’s the only building left standing. I couldn’t get the shot head on due to the huge logging truck there loading up the downed trees! I was glad it survived but only by the skin of it’s teeth. So, when you see it, take the shot right then and there because it may not be there or barely be there when you go back that way. Just sayin’.

Oh, so I’m off on a retreat so to speak up north for a few days and I decided to leave early and take the back route through Algonquin Park to see if I could catch any leftover fall colours. What did I see? SNOW. The trees were smothered in it, the roads were covered in it and the big thick flakes floated at the car windshield like we were racing through outer space. Way. Too. Early. After driving for what seemed like days I found some remains of fall but it wasn’t a stellar day. Anyhow, enough blathering. I’ve got a lot of fall shots to post yet so stay tuned. I found some new areas far from the lines of cars and people. One more thing, my calendar has gone to print now, many of you have placed your pre-orders already and I thank you ❤️✌️ I’ve a limited supply. Ok time to make a fresh pot of coffee. Have a joyous weekend.

Peace, love, kumbaya,


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