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#FrameItFriday (week 43, season 3)

#FrameItFriday! (Week 43, season 3)

Happy Fri-yay! This week's blog is going to be a plug for selling my calendars, sorry, not sorry. I don't bug you guys MUCH throughout the year about buying my prints and all that. I post here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. EVERY DAY. I have been for 8.90410959 years now (and here I've been telling people it's been over 9 years, tsk, tsk) OK, where was I.......Oh right.....Calendars! They've been proofread and are now going to print! Wheeeee! I figure mid next week I'll have my mitts on them. If you've purchased my previous years calendars you will be happy to know that this year I have added in approximate locations of where each month's shot was taken. Because of the whole COVID thing I've decided to sell them for $20CDN including shipping via Canada Post. I've only ordered a certain quantity so it's "while they last" so to speak. To place your order you can email me your mailing address and send me an e-transfer to: OF COURSE the cover this year is of our soon-to-be new digs. Why not, she's a purdy little place (I'm a tad biased lol) I hope you all are doing ok what with being in the midst of this 2nd wave and all. I'm curious to find out your thoughts on Halloween this year? Are you "handing out" candies in a Covid safe manner or did you eat all 195 mini chocolate bars like a very close friend of mine did? Anyhow, lots to do today but I sure hope you order a calendar from me, support local and the profits of calendar sales will be donated to a local mental health charity. Gotta go, have a groovy day! Stay safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

#Photoblog #2021Calendar #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness #SupportCanadianArtists #HeatherCardlePhotographer

***Oooh for those of you contemplating getting family shots and for my realtor have me around for a bit longer as we have found a somewhat local place to hangout while we wait to get in to our new place next April. Book me! ***

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