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#FrameItFriday (week 42, season3)

#FrameItFriday (week 41, season 3)

Oh man, WHAT. A. WEEK. and it was a "short week"? Really? Could have fooled me.

Today, if you tapped anywhere on my head I do believe it would explode into a million little pieces, like wet confetti or something. We all go through it, some times it feels like it's felt that way for weeks or months or years. My inner chaos is intermittent, comes and goes like the tide but it's not on any kind of schedule.

Oh boo hoo to me, it will pass. Just one thing, I would highly NOT recommend a "tiered move". What is that? When you buy a new house with a long closing and you sell your home with a short closing. I'm sure it will all work out, I know it will but my patience is minimal during times like this at it is (ask Paul). Hopefully (fingers crossed) we will have secured a short-term furnished rental for us to hang our hats in until next April.

On another note, a happier note, I did manage to find the time to get my 2021 calendar put together with the appropriate images and captions. I've just fired off the email to the printer to say "let's do this!" In light of the fact I'm tight for time and it's a covid year I have decided that I will have 100 calendars available for purchase at a price of $20 which includes shipping via Canada Post. While supplies last. I'd LOVE to deliver it in person but, well we gotta stay safe! You can pay me by e-transfer,easy-peasy! I'm accepting pre-orders so shoot me an E-MAIL at: The profits from the sale of calendars are going to be donated to a local mental health group (any suggestions please let me know). We're not talking millions of dollars here but if it can help some local group a teensy bit in this the (pardon my language) shittiest year EVER, great!

I have squeezed in a few more shoots before I leave town and if you are looking to get one done by me, giddy up and book something SOON! A shoot will be a welcome break from packing.

Ok, I've whined enough. Sorry about that. Fingers crossed we find a place this weekend. Whatever you get up to, be safe, wash your hands and be happy!

Peace, love, kumbaya Heather

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