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#FrameItFriday (week 41, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 41, season 2)

We have been so, so lucky with this weather this past week. I think most of my Ontario peeps would agree.....a bit of sun and heat sure was nice. I never would have thought we'd be able to get out in the kayaks so much but I am so grateful.

Although, the other day I was a bit of a grumpy pants while out on the lake. I was getting tired of taking scenery shots and struggling with the waves. A group of juvenile Loons gathering to migrate together decided to show off, jump and frolic in the surf JUST out of shooting range for me and Lulu. As soon as we got close (like 400ft away instead of 600 ft) they'd dive under water and hold their breath for many minutes and pop up 1000 ft away. They were, quite frankly, pissing me off and having SUCH fun at my expense and mood. Holding up a 150-600mm lens and trying to steady a bouncing kayak was not creating nice photos.

We finally got over to a bay reasonably calm and we both began to scour the shoreline for wildlife. I ventured as close as I could when I spotted this Great Blue Heron grazing along the shoreline. A 100ft strip of dying reeds arranged in maze like canals seperated us from Big Blue. I got as close as I could in this shot (which is also zoomed in and super cropped). The only good thing about where I shot this from was the fact I was caught on top of a mound of really disgustingly rank smelling boggy mud that was hiding about 6 inches beneath the surface of the water. The smelly mess held the kayak steady while I took some shots of this guy. FINALLY, I was happy, just sitting there watching this bird cherry pick it's dinner and grab some pictures.

I chose this shot to show you today because of the way it's neck looks. Does it not look like it's wearing a really nice hand knit scarf or a really pretty patterned snake has swallowed it's head? I've never seen this type of look on a heron before. What you DON'T know or see in this shot is the circumference of it's neck, it is JAMMED with dinner. I'm guessing this pose is not a fashion week runway pose but a "get in ma belly fish" digestion technique. lol

As our time here is slowly winding down I am so, so blessed for the opportunity to wander and paddle about capturing the beauty this area we are in, in our own province no less. It's the most amazing time of the year and being able to hang out with family and friends is the icing on the cake.

In no time at all we will be back in our city, back to work, back to our routine (which includes the #StellaCat adjusting, that's another story). It was an incredible opportunity to re-connect with nature, clear the cobwebs and brainstorm to take my work and business to the next level. Don't be surprised that most of my #ChickPicotheDay shots in the next few weeks will be those of fall and nature.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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