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#FrameItFriday (week 4 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 4 season 6)

CAPTION for this pic:

Is that waste of air space Blue Jay gone yet?

My fingers are frozen in the "home row position" on my keyboard this morning. It's not because our house is unheated, it's because my cranial space is so empty when I sneeze it echoes in my mind. Let me find my words....

Oh, my wonderful husband got me a trail cam! I've moved it 5 times since I got it. Waking up to a bunch of footprints criss crossing the pond out back every morning has piqued our curiosity. First few nights all it captured was my face as I installed and retrieved the SD card oh and every single time a car drove past our house it would take a pic. I pointed away from our house and down low on a tree facing the currently open water section of the pond where the creek comes in. I've seen a mink leisurely doing the back stroke up that end but it ducks for cover and disappears when I attempt to get close. First days after it was moved and lowered we captured grainy night images of a fox and 2 of the neighbours dogs out on an adventure. The cam has 3 settings on it that take a series of 3 stills, 1 still or 1 video. It can be customized but much like that drone I bought last year I don't want to get overwhelmed and consumed by reading a manual for heaven's sakes, I'll stick to the default settings for now.

How about that snow eh? I mean, we're Canadian, it happens every single year and yet every single snow fall the chitter chatter about how much we get, how long the blizzard will last and that age old question "where are my snow pants?" I bought my first pair of snow pants just last year, they've been hanging up in the cupboard since last winter. Yesterday I decided to put them on and I'm not gonna lie, I was scared to. Why? Because I didn't think they'd fit. I couldn't remember if I'd worn my jeans or leggings beneath them or not. I had jeans on yesterday so I decided to throw them on over the jeans. I got them on, over the jeans and my range of motion was somewhat stiff like a robot but at least I could breathe that is until I had to put my boots on and tie the laces up. I almost passed out but finally I was dressed to go out and help clear the driveway. I had to jockey cars around and it was at that point as I struggled to bend my legs into the car seat that I determined that it was leggings I wore beneath the snow pants last year. The feeling I had removing the pants after chores felt as euphoric as removing one's bra at the end of the day (all you bra wearers will agree, am I right?)

That is the end of my blog for today except to say I may be watching some dog sled races this weekend. Hopefully. Oh and next week I have some interesting feathered friends teed up to show you.

Bye for now and of course, Peace, Love and Kumbaya.



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