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#FrameItFriday (week 4 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 4 season 4)

Counting. We've been counting here a la Maison (said in my best FordNation accent lol). One counter is decreasing (finally cracked 100), that is the counter that lets my family know how many days until we move. I don't know if they pay attention to it like I do but every single morning when I come down the stairs to the kitchen I lick my finger (I know, gross) wipe the number on the chalkboard off, blow on the chalkboard to dry my goober off and write in the new day count. It's sooooo gratifying. The other counter on the chalkboard is rising, that is the one my daughter is in charge of, it's the one that we keep track of how many days we go for walks. That counter is now in the mid 20s which we're pretty proud of. It is because of these walks I get my shots to post here and the reason why that pair of too small for me jeans I packed actually fit over my butt and zip up now. We've been on quite a few trails but have found a couple that are our favourite "go to" ones. They're all so beautiful. We're very fortunate to have them close by. We haven't come across too much wildlife the past couple of times we've been out (most likely due to the time of day we go walking) but with a light snow covering on the trails evidence of all types of critters shows up in the snow. I spotted a couple of heavily travelled routes leading off the trails that end at the base of huge pine trees. Most likely a racoon family out for their nightly pillage in the forest. That elusive grouse has been around as well. You can see it's footprints every foot or so with a huge straight line between them from it's tail feathers. We haven't seen the deer but they too have been about. Most likely we scare them off with our chatter and crashing along the trails but it's nice to know they're enjoying the woods as much as us. So, about the 2 "letters" I posted here today. They came in this past week and were such a wonderful surprise! Very humbling and warms my heart. I appreciate you all checking out my #ChickPicotheDay, your comments, likes, shares, gifs, etc. It sincerely sucks we can't all hang out in person but we sure are lucky we can hang out here online, thank goodness! At this point in my blog I would like to ask that if you have any photo ideas, good recipes, craft ideas, stories, poems, etc that you'd like to share, feel free to comment with them below. Stay safe my friends and thanks for hanging out with me.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


P.S.-Thank you Susan and Stage 88 for taking the time to write such kind words <3

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