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#FrameItFriday (week 4, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 4, season 3)

Last night I had a late night meeting with my social media marketing manager as you can see in the photo. I think she showed interest in my photo page because

a) her food bowl was empty and she was kissing up to me or

b)she was really hoping I'd lay the iPad down so she could sleep on top of it


c) she wanted me to post and tag her so she can increase her online presence in hopes of going viral

or finally

d) ALL OF THE ABOVE because she's a cat and they're jerks some times.

Ok, enough about #StellaCat. Let's talk about social media for a few minutes. I appreciate your comments, likes, shares on my various #ChickPicotheDay posts, they mean alot to me. Since I'm on my 9th year of daily posts or 2,978th day in a row and it's almost my birthday....maybe I should have a little contest? Stir things up a bit? Here's the deal......

1) In the comments below please tell me where you're from and what are your favorite types of photos to look at

2) Share this page and invite your friends to like my page.

That's it.

Pretty simple but you must do BOTH in order to qualify.

Oh, what's in it for you? Well I will have a draw of all the people who share this post and comment for a (yet to be decided) framed canvas of one of my shots signed and shipped to you, wherever you are. Why am I doing this? Seems a bit needy, wanty of me. Fact of the matter is I've really not a lot to say this week.....maybe you should all breathe a huge sigh of relief about it LOL.....oh and I have to go and find a half decently built toilet flusher handle yet AGAIN. They really don't build stuff like they used to....trust me this could be my biggest challenge to date. Last week I ran around in a snow storm looking (mistake #1) for a 13" fluorescent bulb for above my sink, couldn't find one of course, didn't bring dead bulb with me (that would make far too much sense), came home 3 hours and 4 stores later frustrated only to look at dead bulb and see that it was NOT 13" in length but 24" in length (I thought I measured but obviously I didn't)....of course I saw lots of those in my travels....see what I'm saying?

Before I finish I'd like to thank you my new arrivals on this page. FYI I'm not usually so winey, you may see the occasional photo of my cat on here (see image above and/or below) and I RARELY talk about my toilet or have contests but WELCOME to my page!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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