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#FrameItFriday (week 39 season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 39, season 2)

Or shall I call it "Close Encounters of the Moose Kind"?

Last Sunday I decided that I was going to take a whirlwind one day trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. It's over a 4 hour drive from where I live to get there. Bit much for a day trip but I really wanted to see the fall colours up there again. According to what I'd heard the leaves were peaking. I had to get my fix. On Monday, in the afternoon I decided that maybe I should see if I could sucker someone else in to accompany me. So I phoned my friend Kara who is also a photographer and said "want to get up at 4am tomorrow morning and come up to Algonquin Park with me to see the leaves?"

She said "yes, of course" or perhaps it was a "hell ya". lol

It wasn't until we were about half way up to the park that Kara told me she'd never been to the park! Well wasn't she in for a bit of a surprise.

We entered the park from the east gates with the intention of exploring the highway 60 corridor running westbound and as many side roads as we could with the little time we had.

Our first stop was up Opeongo Road to the store. Yes a 4+hour drive and we go to a store. "Bear" with me. Kara bought a "got moose?" sticker for her laptop and said "let's dial in the luck and see if we find a moose on our travels".

The girl in the store said "Booth's Rock is my favourite trail in the park" we decided to take her advice and head to the trail that begins at Rock Lake.

We decided to do the whole trail it's a tricky 5.1kms of hills, rocks, roots with a spectacular lookout midway through. Our decision paid off along with Kara's newly purchased laptop sticker that dialled in our luck as we got to see a MOOSE!

3/4s of the way along the trail we had our magical encounter along with other hikers. We all stood silently along the path as this gorgeous creature meandered quietly, snacking on brush as he/she passed within feet of us. I have to admit, I got drawn in like a magnet even closer than I should have been but luckily this gentle giant sauntered deeper into the bush grazing away and eyeballing us with curiousity. At least 12 of us stood along the path, quietly observing this iconic creature. Some had tears of joys rolling down their cheeks, some videoed and a sweet little baby visiting from the Netherlands shared her very first moose encounter along with my good friend Kara. Moments later the moose melted into the foliage and we all hiked on.

What an incredible and unexpected encounter thanks to a moose laptop sticker dialling in the luck for us all.

Oh and the leaves are changing for sure but they haven't peaked up there if you were thinking of going.....I'd avoid the weekend madness and traffic and hit up the park during a weekday. Go for a may be fortunate enough to see one of these incredible creatures.

This is my moose story, I hope you enjoyed it and the photos. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. I'm headed out of town tomorrow to shoot a wedding of a dear friend's brother. Should be fun times. Oh, if you're looking for fall shots, hit me up for a session before the leaves fall off the trees. Feel free to like, comment, share.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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