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#FrameItFriday (week 38 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 38 season 5)

Again with the color vs black and white. If you've been following me for a bit, you might remember these guys. I made a quick last minute detour on my adventure last week to check in on them, glad I did. The lumber yard lot they are parked out front of has been completely cleared and flattened. These 4 misfits were slid off to the side but still facing the road. I'll have to look back on my images because I'm sure there were more. I hope they'll stay where they are or perhaps they'll be placed in a more prominent location because to me, it's an art piece(s). Any truck admirers out there know what they are (yes again, I've asked before, been answered before but can't find the old post).

My point is, nothing lasts forever as I've also said before so JUST IN CASE the next time I'm up in that area and find them GONE, here's the "insurance" shot.

Have any of you ever been to Long Sault? (pron. "Long Soo") We took a day trip down there this past week (btw, it's quite a hike, even from Tweed). It's absolutely incredible the beauty you can find just off the 401 here in Ontario. Many times I've travelled that corridor to and from Quebec, etc but other than pitstops for gas never made it past the gas station. We finally made it to our cutoff and within minutes were on the Long Sault Parkway. Basically it's a series of 11 tiny islands connected via causeway that are located on the St.Lawrence River. One island has gorgeous homes on it all with waterfront views of the St.Lawrence and the rest of the islands are a park, some seasonal camping, some with just a small picnic area. Being that it's the St.Lawrence and not super wide this was perfect back in the day to fight battles back and forth back in the early days. It's also a very short flight for birds so an extremely popular spot for one to migrate. Every causeway between islands there was at least 1 or 2 egrets so I was pretty thrilled as I've not seen one of them yet this year. Basically it was a long day of driving (for my husband) and stopping here and there to snag some photos of wildlife and cool old houses, drive-by shooting as well (those shots? Not so good.) Here's a link to info on Long Sault

There's lots of fall fairs and festivals going on and not THIS weekend but NEXT weekend (Sept.23-25) I will be operating the Photo Booth at the Tweed Harvest Festival and I'm SOOOO excited! So, if you're planning on attending (of course you are) make sure you come by the Photo Booth before you drip slushies all over the front of your nice clean shirt and GET YOUR PHOTO TAKEN along with your crew for $3! (that's a toonie & a loonie, or 3 loonies, or 12 quarters, etc) I mean, what a deal right? Also (my math is much better today) you can get 4 poses for $10! Crazy deal and I'll edit and email you a hi-res shot(s) so you can FINALLY change that aging framed family photo from years gone by that is hung in the living room to one that is current. Great idea for gifts. I'm excited to meet new people and capture new memories. Oh, it's cash only. Here's a link to the schedule for the fair, there are SO many exciting things to do at the fair it's an opportunity to kick back and chill and celebrate fall and the harvest. Come one, come all!

That's all I feel like babbling about this week, I'm ramping up for the fall season and planning some routes to capture some of that beauty. So get ready to pour yourself a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte, launder your fav hoodie because fall is on it's way!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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