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#FrameItFriday (week 38 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 38 season 3)

I'll bet you this photo, that quite possibly this has been the craziest nerve wracking stressful week some of you have had in a long time. I know because I've communicated with a few of you and you've all told me what crap you've had to deal with this past week.

So if you know me and my expertise at fixing things. You know my tool box contains a kitchen butter knife, a roll or two of buck store duct tape and tiny bottles of crazy glue (that always dry up before I get to use them a second time or I glue my eyelid open/shut or fingers together). I'm not useless, I just don't have all the fancy tools, no biggie. I quite often hang my work on my walls with tiny push pins. I did that with the photo I've posted today and it failed. It fell off the wall and the glass shattered pretty much everywhere. Luckily #StellaCat ran for cover upstairs beneath the bed.

Ok, so where was I? Oh ya, SUPREME crappy week for a lot of folks I know, on here, in person, etc, etc. Myself included. Let's make some lemonade out of lemons now shall we? Let's recycle what remains of that photo, it's Fall after all and it's a Fall photo. Let's have a contest shall we? In order to qualify for the draw you must:

1) like this post

2) share this post

3) invite your friends to like my photo page

As per usual I will enter all the names that have done this into a hat and draw one lucky person's name and mail you the Fall photo. It's an 8"x10" print matted to an 11"x14" mat. You will just have to throw it in a frame you have kicking around there at home. It's a bandaid fix, a pick me up on a minuscule scale but at least it's a nice photo (if I do say so myself). Let's toss this week in the trash now shall we and get a bit competitive and try and win this photo. It's not the LottoMax grand prize but at least it's nice and I know some of you could use a little nice mixed into your day/week. Do this and I shall never post of this crappiness again, promise :)

If you'd care to vent and comment on what made your week so crap, feel free to vent below......I'll go first.....

I was in a super huge hurry and had to use underground parking a few days back. It was park underground or ticket and tow. As I approached the ramp to go in there was a sign that said "you must be this short to enter". It was then I remembered I still had the kayak racks on the roof of my car. I said a few bad words, put my car in park and got out and eyeballed the situation. I had no choice and I could not back up. So I scaled my car and had to quickly remove all 4 racks that my superhuman husband had installed and tightened to the max. The biggest bummer of all is that I can no longer insta-spot my car in the parking lot because the racks are off. You get the gist.....can you top that story? Let me know below. I know next week will be better right? Hang in there people, stay safe.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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