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#FrameItFriday (week 38, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 38, season 2)

The paint has dried, trust me....I watched it. Sort of. The first 3 days of this week I've sat in the garage of my family home in Scarborough editing photos while Fred the Painter and his crew went to town with their brushes and rollers. Initially I had this lame idea that I was going to sit in some corner of the house with a little chair and table and edit furiously whilst they painted. Ha ha ha ....until they cracked open the oil based primer that is. That is why I ended up in the garage, overcome by paint fumes.

Did I finish editing? That's a big old "nope". Talk about distractions! It was rather interesting though. Our family has owned the house for 60 years, since it was brand spanking new. Sitting in that garage brought back a ton of fond memories. There were moments I'd gaze down the driveway and see myself and a bunch of the neighbourhood kids sitting on the driveway sifting through a huge box of legos building stuff. Or figuring out the most efficient way to shovel the drive in winter. Yes. I really had those thoughts. Must have been the paint fumes causing that lol. So those are just a couple of my excuses for not having my editing up to date. Oh and I found a hornet's nest in the ivy by the front door. I made it my mission to destroy it with a delightful foamy spray and I think the mission was accomplished!

As usual I am rambling and in a hurry as I'm scheduled to take some house photos shortly. So here's the story about the 2 photos I've put up. This little gal first came on MY radar back in 2013, sweet little moppet with a powder keg of talent graced the rising star stage at the Jazz Festival. As I recall she had a little cough. So adorable, she reminded me of my stepdaughter at that age. And then she sang. OMG what a beautiful voice! Well as you can tell in the 2nd photo (taken last weekend at the Brantford International Jazz Festival) Avery Raquel is now a beautiful young woman in her first year of college and lucky for us, still performing, following her dream. It's been so much fun following her career and seeing her perform on the main stage in her home town with a huge posse in her band. Of course she got a standing "o" and blew me away with her rendition of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good".

Ok, gotta soon.... Peace, Love and Kumbaya Heather

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