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#FrameItFriday (week 37 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 37 season 5)

For the first time in ages I took off for a daytime explore. Pre high gas prices I roamed daily, now it's here and there when I got time to spare and some coin in my pocket. I wanted to do re-con on fall colour roads and also lot of things change, take for instance this image I've posted in black & white (sorry to my glaucoma followers) and colour. I've been to this place 3xs (and it's not just around the corner). First time, I just slowed down, snapped a shot of the exterior (I didn't realize you could go inside). Second visit was during covid (when you could get out and about but had to wear a mask), my daughter and I walked up the steepish incline and walked around the outside but alas, due to covid it's door was padlocked. Yesterday, around 11am I pulled up to it's gates, walked up the hill and checked the front door, it was latched and I could go in. Except for the barking dog across the street, I was there on my own. On the rare chance I stumble upon an empty structure as soon as I step foot inside one of 2 things occur: 1)the hair on my neck stands on end, my hands get all sweaty and I turn around and leave or 2) I step in and instantly feel like I belong there Just me. Alone. I took some images and then I prayed. Me, Heather who has not been to a church since ummm, hmmmm probably a funeral or something. Without getting to heavy in to the religion thing, I know someone "upstairs" is looking after me. I decided this was a pretty darn cool place to speak and ask for good thoughts for someone I know. No, I did not kneel as I'm not brushed up on my praying etiquitte, instead I stood awkwardly with my hand on the rail at the front of the church talking to the ceiling. Anyhow, I thanked the actual church for letting me in to check it out, take photos and pray and off I went on my journey. I actually went in to another vacant building (with permission) and explored some familiar old roads, some new in the land of "no phone service". It was a bust on the wildlife, couple of deers pranced across the road before me and disappeared in to the thick brush, groups of young wild turkeys grazing in a field scurried off into the woods and some road kill. Mostly it was scenery. Some of these dusty roads I went along are shared with logging trucks. There's signs along them and they're not saying "keep out" but they do warn that it's a live road for logging trucks. I do not go down the ones that read "all drivers must have a CB and be on channel 38". Those are no go zones but the ones that just have the signs that caution you to look for logging trucks, I'm all over those roads. The speed limit is 40km/hr or sometimes 20km/hr for cars, the logging trucks can go whatever speed they want it seems as I almost got smoked by one who barely blinked as he barrelled past me leaving me in a trail of dust that was at 1km long. Grumble, grumble.

It was a great day, not TONS of photos but whatever, it was interesting. I got my phone signal back when I made a pitstop at Tim's and found out that the Queen had passed away earlier in the day. Such sad news. Here's the thing that weirds me out and makes me go "hmmmm". I think that I may have been in the church praying around the time she may have passed. Seriously.

I just find it odd or perhaps I'm odd. Had to share my thoughts. Hey, what's your preference? Colour or black & white? I'm going with the black and white, it goes more with the story.

Back to the Queen, the closest I got to her was when my friend's uncle drove around and around the roundabout in front of Buckingham Palace at 9pm at night in an Austin Mini with me wedged in the backseat. That was my royal tour where we ended up making a u-turn in the parking lot of Scotland Yard.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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