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#FrameItFriday (week 37 season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 37, season 2)

Friday the 13th. Friday of the Full Moon. Friday of the Brantford International Jazz Festival. TGIF. Fri-yay.

^That is what you write whilst you stall on what you're going to write about. lol.

This past week I bought more props. Specifically masks, stupid hot rubber masks. They're cool to wear for a few quick wants to wear one and pose for me? In addition to the zebra head I've already modelled for you I've got a horse head, a pug dog head, a rooster head and a unicorn head. May be a cool band shot? Anyhow, I simply have to stop buying these things and begin shooting with them so DM if you want some weird rubber mask shots done...or traditional massless family, couple, pets, headshots, etc.

Ok, that's a long infomercial. I'm pretty excited to shoot I think it's my 6th Brantford International Jazz Festival beginning with a private VIP concert by the gorgeous and talented The Willows in the lobby of the Sanderson Centre and catered by Mr.Hug of Strodes BBQ & Deli. Oh, seems like another infomercial I'm doing here. Oops. Well sorry, not sorry....this entire weekend is all about the jazz. Lots of incredible music being performed by a plethora of talented artists. My camera will be humming and my feet will be screaming Sunday night but it's always a fun time. Frank and Nancy make sure you always do! I hope to see some of my friends out in the square DANCING under the stars in Harmony Square. BTW Saturday and Sunday it's all free, bring a chair and come hang out. I can't wait to see my jazz festival friends! Did you catch my drift here...if you're local (or even if you're not) come and have some fun!!!

I have to apologize to y'all. I told you I had all these wildlife photos I took over the past month and have barely posted any yet. I shall endeavour to get them out in drips and drabs over the next week and perhaps a little album of shots. I posted the hike with Judson shots and a cool pirate ship boathouse, hope that will tide you over until I get my act together. Actually, for 4 days next week I will be down in Toronto couch surfing at a friends (that's a reminder Edgley), watching paint dry at my mum's place and editing shots. If any of my Toronto friends are around perhaps we can meet up and do some shooting (with cameras).

Truth be told, it's been a rough week (up inside my head) just missing my mum quite a bit. I'm looking forward to the influx of work to tide me over while I get through this. Always loving your comments, feedback, shares and likes, they help immensely. Whatever you get up to this weekend, have fun and if you come to the Jazz festival, say hi to me!

Oh about the shot I've posted. This is back of the man I love, who puts up with my shenanigans, shares an interest in photography (as long as the camera fits in his pocket) and hands me my gear when I'm sitting in my kayak. He is also known for his Loon calls.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya, Heather

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