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#FrameItFriday (week 37, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 37, season 2)

So last weekend I attended the 14th annual Arnold Anderson Golf Classic and had the opportunity to present a framed copy of my shot of Walter Gretzky to the man himself! It was such an honour and I do believe he was quite excited to get it.

I also donated a 2nd framed print that was live-auctioned that same evening. It was a thrill to find it was going to a great home and it raised some funds for the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund, a worthy cause.

There are a few photos floating about of me presenting the photo to Walter (you know PROOF lol) but I'm waiting on them right now and will post a shot here when I get them. There is a video as well but you guys ain't gonna see that, sorry.

I had this idea back in June 2017 that I wanted my #ChickPicotheDay to be special for July 1,2017 as it was Canada's 150th birthday. Who best to shoot than Canada's fav hockey dad to commemorate such an anniversary. Thanks to a good friend who brought Walter over to our house and of course thank you Walter for posing and being you. I hope Walter has room on a wall in his house of a photo of himself.

All this weekend I will be cruising around with camera(s) in hand for the 5th year of me shooting the wonderful Brantford International Jazz Festival in our city's beautiful downtown Harmony Square Brantford. I'm excited to hear and capture the performances of some incredible talent appearing through-out the weekend. My feet want to murder me by Sunday night but my heart is full with reuniting with some of my friends and musicians. The weather is going to pop, perfect for an outdoor event, come and check out the talent, soak up some rays and tunes. Tap your toes, have a little dance, pose for me lol.

I picked up a few more random props this past week, I know we're not quite there with the fall colours yet but if you want some shots taken of you and your clan, or headshots, pet shots or an event covered I have a few times available to book you in. Also, I'm looking for a chisel faced man (sounds bizarre) that would not be opposed to wearing a ginger wig for a specific shot (clean-shaven please, sorry beard-os) Make-up will be used as well.

There's TONS of free events happening this weekend, you may be able to squeeze in a few and I hope you do. If you see me down in the square, stop me and say hi! Whatever you get up to have fun and be safe.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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