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#FrameItFriday (week 36 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 36 season 6)

I put up some "fall" decor in the house yesterday all the while thinking of the Honeysuckle flowers blooming on the bunk out back. Don't get me wrong, I love fall, adore fall, love capturing the colours! Now I'll sound like a hypocrite and say I'm not ready for pumpkins and halloween talk quite yet (yes in spite of the fall decor being hung in the house). When the heck did it become September 15th already? The Honeysuckle hasn't a clue nor a care and it can bloom as long as it wants or can, much like myself but I have caved and am wearing socks.

We spent an absolute magical day out paddling this past week. I mean, you couldn't ask for a prettier sky, warm weather and clear flat glassy waters. If only every day could have been like that day. We returned to (wait for it, it's the real name) Crotch Lake (after crotch in a tree) apparently. Not many cottages, a few fishing boats and lovely little bays and rocky islands to paddle around. For the very first time ever we witnessed a loon with unusual dining habits chugging back a fish way larger than a minnow. I'd say it was a 2lber, one you'd toss back in if it landed on your hook. It was tricky to get close because the loon caught it out in the middle of the lake and we paddled as close in as we could. The loon kept pouncing on it's catch piercing it with it's razor sharp beak (while underwater). If it was me playing with my food like that my mum would have quipped at me "quit playing with your food and eat it!" kind of playing. I did get photos and it would be logical that I post one of them here but I'm not going to, yet. You'll have to wait.

I've begun checking my 2023 image gallery for shots for the calendar. It's so tricky to choose. I also have to mention that I have to bump up the price of my calendar this year due to, wait for it, rising costs (surprise surprise). So if you pick one up from me it's $25CDN and $35CDN delivered. I'm still donating $5 from every calendar sale to local to me charity, that hasn't changed. Watch for posts mid October I hope to be taking pre-orders by then. I will also be marketing my photos on canvas as I have some in stock. I'll keep you posted.

Time to get off the keyboard now, the sun (as lovely as it is) is streaming through the window behind me and on to my black shirt, sweat is forming on my brow and chin and yet, my bare feet are freezing on the floor below. Welcome to my menopausal world where it not only affects my body temps but also effects my brain cells lol.

If anyone is looking for fall family photos or tomatoes, let me know. I've got some sweet little outdoor spots we can take some photos at. Hit me up. Have a great weekend! Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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P.S. The sushi eating loon shot will be posted by next weekend, I'm behind on my shots 'cause I take too many.

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