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#FrameItFriday (week 36 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 36 season 4)

Well holy my moly where the HECK did August go? How dare it take the warmth away with it! Ok, the humidity part, I don't miss that, but COME ON, tell me this coolness is temporary, please! I'm not quite ready for fall yet. I am ready for all the tomato plants I put in the garden to finish producing though. I'm a total novice to canning, jarring, preserving, pickling, etc, etc. I google recipes that read "quick and easy to make" because I'm not one to dawdle in the kitchen unless it's to make turkey dinner. I whine about this because my fridge is currently housing a huge pot of homemade tomato soup. The soup is taking up as much real estate as a case of beer. We had steaming bowls of it last night during the cold snap and it did taste yummy but there's at least 5 litres left of the stuff.

This past week I've felt a bit like a peeping Tom. Let me explain: my road trip buddy graciously permitted me to wander further than normal to a place we'd stumbled upon years ago. It was described as a "ghost town" online. It's come alive a bit since we first found it, if you blink, you'll miss it but the buildings have been getting fixed up. The church on the hill that is tricky to spot if you don't look up has always intrigued me. A few years back I found out that they usually leave it open daily for the public to come in a see. Since we weren't "that far" from it, I convinced my driver to take a slight detour so we could check in on it. Asides from the crickets, it was pretty peaceful there. We weren't alone in this isolated location, there were a couple of tourists also checking it out as well. We were all so disappointed to see the church door was padlocked. So much for the accuracy of the website, pre-covid I'm sure it was open, they just forgot to update that online. So did the little Pioneer Village we went to. Doors were locked, tiny signs taped to the windows read "peek inside". So, about this shot, I used my "mad skills" to get it. What mad skills? I took the lens hood off my lens, approached the side window, stood on my tiptoes and pressed the end of my lens against the glass to minimize reflection and extra light in the shot. Well, it sort of worked, eery cool results but I was limited to shot angle, it had to be shot head on and I was limited to the window width, know what I mean? I had to do the same at the Pioneer schoolhouse as well. I haven't even looked at that shot yet. Do you like the shot?

Speaking of "shots" I'm getting ready to announce my family sessions. I have some great ideas for a location I stumbled upon yesterday. Mini sessions, coming right up! Stay tuned.

Well, it's the Friday of the last long weekend of the summer, the kids are scheduled to return to school next week (fingers crossed) enjoy some time with the fam, STAY SAFE! DM me if you want to get a family Mini session done, back to school shots taken or you have any quick and easy recipes for tomatoes. Muchos gracias!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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