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#FrameItFriday (week 36, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 36, season 2)

Hey y'all happy Fri-yay! I hope that everyone's first week of school has gone well (here in Ontario it's first week). On the Monday of the last long weekend of the summer holidays we bailed on the city, headed north passing 1,000s of southbound packed cars trailering campers, water toys, etc.

The lake has been so quiet you can hear a pin drop but late at night the haunting calls of the loons are a welcome sound over the whining of sirens.

It's been wonderful to have had what I call "go with the flow days". What do I mean? I mean we just wandered willy nilly about the countryside with no timeline, no deadline, stopping when we felt like it. I LOVE those kinds of days which have become few and far between lately. Work keeps on getting in the way! Well, one such day was a drab one so I rode shotgun while Paul drove and we toured about the area. In spite of the drizzle we stopped and got in a really great hike on one of Algonquin's southern trails (where this photo was taken). We got back on a winding roller coaster paved road through a blip of a place called Rockingham (very trippy place) and oops how ever did we end up grabbing a plate of homemade Cabbage Rolls and Pierogies at the popular Wilno Tavern Restaurant?

I managed to convince the guys that we make a quick 20 minute detour to pop by my son's and daughter-in-laws campsite at Rock Lake in Algonquin. Well, oops again it was 20 minutes just to get from the highway to the campsite alone so I messed that up. Now people ask "will we be there in a normal 20 minutes or a Heather 20 minutes?" Pffft, it was "go with the flow day" cut me some slack.

Yesterday we paddled a good 4 hours and sat floating for another good hour taking photos of Great Blue Herons. First we saw one deep in the marsh and oh about 200 feet away a second appeared. They were both fishing. Usually when we show up they fly off as they're so skittish, not this time. We just kept on shooting and drifting amongst the reeds closer and closer. The heron could care less if we were there and I had no clue where my husband Paul was in his kayak. Out of nowhere the second heron flew in and proceeded to battle it out with the first heron. Paul had just begun to video and got it most of it (I will share it once he uploads it). I got some pretty crap shots of the altercation (one is below). Did you know they GROWL when they fight? It was a pretty crazy thing to witness but hey, it's life in the wild.

Lots of cool things were seen and done this past week and I'm pouring through lots of shots (young loons learning to fish with their parents, otters, foxes, a cool boat ride, time spent with friends and family). So you'll be seeing those shots shortly. In the meantime I thought I'd ask for your comments on what you see in the mossy green forest shot I took on our hike....comment below. I hope you're all well. I'm off for some final summer family time before my very busy shooting season begins next week. Thanks for reading.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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Link to video taken by my husband Paul

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