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#FrameItFriday (week 36, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 36, season 2)

Happy Friday-doodle-doo, I hope you all survived the #BackToSchool" frenzy (if you were part of it that is).

Did you enjoy the abandoned shots I posted this week? I'm leaving you with my final two (ok, I have more shots but I think you've had your fill by now). I debated about posting the one on the left (even had to erase one really racist word off the wall). The combination of the two shots leaves a bold yet powerful quote (at least that's my opinion)

"Let your nuts hang Honey Bunz"

See it?

I think it means "chill out sweetie".

So, this place, this "DisneyLand" as I keep on calling it was a hike from where we live (over an hour drive). It is not a place I would have gone on my own so I waited until the weekend until my family could come along. The last thing a commuter wants to do is drive for over an hour back towards where you've been commuting all week. I convinced my husband it was north east we were heading, not east. So he drove us there, such a nice guy. We're all so glad we went, I hope you enjoyed a snippet of what we saw.

September is a busy month and soon the leaves will begin to change and it's a whole new canvas out there and I can't wait! I'm ready. I have routes mapped and hiking trails marked out to go and capture some of that beauty. Even hoping for some late in season kayaking (fingers crossed).

Is Fall your fav season? Do you have any special spots you like to go to enjoy the fall colours? My daughter and I went a along the highway 60 corridor through Algonquin Park a few years back to see the splendour of fall and it did not disappoint us. However the crowds of people taking selfies and using iPads and traffic jams of cars and busses did us in. This year I'm steering clear of all of that nonsense and heading in other directions. Stay tuned!

In case you're interested, the next week I will be posting an album of canvasses and framed shots of mine that I will be selling. Get some early gifts for that upcoming holiday :)

Lastly....If you are looking to get some shots done of yourself, your family, your kids, your pets pm me. I have limited availability between now and the end of September and after October 15th. How about doing some creepy Halloween shots? I have a smoke machine and quite a few costumes and props.

Well, time for me to go, there's a haircut in my future and some camera batteries to charge. Have a wonderful weekend what ever you get up to. Stay safe too!

Peace, Love and Kumbaya


#BrantfordPhotographer #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer

P.S.-feel free to like, share, comment. Cheers!

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