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#FrameItFriday (week 35 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 35 season 5)

I found this giant bullfrog settling in along the shore of Eel's Lake last week. To truly appreciate the full beauty of this gal, you gotta double click on the photo. I've named her Sandy. Sandy wiggled her butt, did some gentle yoga leg moves and tried to settle in for some bug collecting. I'm glad she stayed put and co-operated for me. That's the story on this week's blog photo now on to some other stuff that I've been thinking about this past week to tell you all but as per usual I have no idea how to write about it. Wait, yes I do, I'll just tell it like it is.

A fellow talented photographer and friend I first met years ago on a foggy cliff at Cape St. Mary's in Newfoundland messaged me a link to a CBC story out of Edmonton she read. It was about another photographer who is in her 10th year of taking a photo a day. I'm trying to find her on Facebook, but it's a cool read. Here's the story:

I know "the struggle" of doing this daily for so long. So, I've wanted to just remind you all again (or tell you for the first time) about a few things about me and my photography. I've been posting #ChickPicotheDay for almost 11 years now. Every.Single.Day. It began here on Facebook and spread to a few other social media platforms. I'm on day 3,922. My reasons for starting on this "idea that I had" are complicated and personal but my little project turned out helping me through some rough patches and if you've been here since the beginning, thanks and I hope my 365 photo a day project gone rogue has helped you as well. I try to keep it light and a safe place to come and have a chuckle at my captions or enjoy the shot of the day. Some mornings I'm sitting here with my coffee wondering what photo to post and other days I've got my posts teed up a week in advance. Not so much with the blog, the blog is 99% written "day of" and usually in a big rush. Today I'm late posting, taking my time writing but I have a feeling I've forgotten I have to do something....hmmmmm. Ok, so I've TRIED to set up a store where you can order prints, canvases, etc on my website but I suck totally at doing it. All images I post on here are available to purchase (sans watermark). If you like an image I post here and would like to order it, shoot me a message. You can purchase in digital format for $25 and get it printed by whoever you want or ask me to get it done for you. I have a few places I deal with and try to keep it affordable and made by a Canadian company. I also do family shoots, engagements, weddings, headshots, babies, pets, real estate etc. I had a pretty good gig going in my last city, it's taking a bit to get off the ground in my new area though. I don't need to run around like a mad woman being super busy, just busy enough to pay some bills and capture some memories for folks. My new neighbours will get a chance to meet up with me and get some shots done at our town's fall festival Tweed Harvest Festival. I was so excited and very grateful to have been asked to run the Photo Booth at the fair! I guess I'm also feeling "nostalgic and reminisce" because I was contacted by a friend about an images from my old stomping ground. I had to drag out and dig up my back up drives to find one and in doing so realized how many flipping images I've taken in the past 10 years. I wonder how high a building it would be if I can translate them into bricks or something, lol. Oh I almost forgot, my calendar! For the past 4? years I've created a calendar with my images. I charge $25 shipped and $5 from every calendar sale goes to a local charity. I always sell out and it's wonderful. I've kind of sort of begun to get that ready (as many of you have asked, thanks) there will be a 2023 calendar that MAY have a photo of #StellaCat in it. I'll be hounding you to buy one in a couple of months.

My eyes are going buggy looking at my screen, also, Elvis is in Tweed this weekend so "it's now or never" I gotta go charge my camera batteries as there's a meet n greet tonight and a parade tomorrow. Little less conversation, putting on my blue suede shoes and take some shots. Thanks for reading my blog (if you made it this far) and for also following me (even you lurkers on here that never comment or hit the like, I feel ya and appreciate you as well). Babbling time has ended. Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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