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#FrameItFriday (week 34 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 34 season 5)

Hey, how's things? Hope y'all are doing ok. I'm not sure what it's like around your places but around here it's felt like O'Hare airport during a Friday on Spring Break (you know, back in the pre-covid days when planes flew instead of getting cancelled). All the birds are beginning to gather, congregate, bulk up in preparation for migration. The male hummingbirds have left the building and the remaining ones are engaging in dog fights over feeder access rights. We have a feeder out back and a tiny one out front. They fight by both of them. Sometimes the little guy hides amongst the leaves in the branches and nips over to the feeder quick before the other one sees it. It's crazy. The robin family has had what I believe to be their 3rd set of babies and they have recently fledged. The fledglings are all over our back lawn waiting for their parents to bring them food. Hard to dig for worms when the ground is hard as concrete. A walk around the pond is another story, frogs of all shapes, sizes and colours leap out of the way as we pass by. The bullfrogs lie in wait along the shore of the pond (which is seriously low from lack of rain). I've never seen so many butterfly moths, they're flitting around from flower to flower. I secretly wish any one of the aforementioned creatures would slide on by the veggie garden and take some cherry tomatoes that would be swell. Well it's time for me to split, we're going to see if the loons are gathering as well. I've seen some posts of that going on at a variety of lakes. The parents have already left so the juvies are all meeting up without supervision. I was at the mall yesterday (yes a mall, uggg) anyhow, all the teens were gathering there as well, just like the juvenile loons, flirting and carrying on, no parental supervision. I'd much prefer to see the loons than the teens, wouldn't you? BTW, for those folks who ordered some canvas prints from me, according to the tracking, "they're on their way". Thanks for your patience. About the sunflower pic, that guy is probably 12ft tall, it's skyscraper! Doesn't it look like it's flipping me the bird? lol

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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