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#FrameItFriday (week 35 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 35 season 4)

Well how the heck is everyone doing? What are YOUR tricks to keep cool? I'll go first.....yesterday we planned to hit the beach and I had found a new to me location that was sweet. I parked the car, we walked to the shoreline, I dropped my towel in the sand and walked directly into the cool, refreshing waters of Lake Ontario. I brought a bathing suit but there simply was not enough time to change into it. I went in fully clothed and I could care less what it looked like. It was divine! I drove home sitting on my towel, had dried off an acceptable amount to make a quick stop at the butcher shop.

This past week has turned into an impromptu holiday mode around here for me. Like, holy crap, where did August go? So we did little day trips these past few days. We hit up a cool place called Princess Sodalite Mine and hammered rocks and collected some gems. Since we were "so close", I had a chance to re-visit this tiny abandoned town (it seems to be re-viving itself) to visit a church that is "always open" but sadly, it was padlocked so we hit up the Wilno Tavern Restaurant for some cabbage rolls to take home for dinner. The family meet-up yesterday at the The Big Apple was a first time trip for me having only ever just driven by this huge the huge red apple about 1,000 times (the apple is currently wearing a covid mask).

The coolest part of the week occurred this past Monday afternoon when my daughter and I had the privilege of visiting this SUPER COOL extremely talented artist who resides in Madoc. OMG to all my artist friends on here if you don't already know her, check out her work on instagram at @DianeWoodwartArt. Diane is a cool lady that has pretty much painted EVERY boring plain surface of her home inside and out. It's breathtaking. I mean check out the photo I've put up. This is just one corner of one room and you could stand there for hours and see something new every minute. Diane spent covid making masks that she gave away. We were lucky to receive one each and like her painting, the fabric she uses was equally as bold (and a very solid functioning mask at that). She's just begun prepping for a fall show in Perth so she's back with her brush.

I will be posting an album of shots I took, but while you're waiting, how many things do you see in this photo?

Oh and I also googled "how to trap a cricket", pretty self-explanatory. Annoying little Jiminy Cricket!

Any plans for the long weekend? Let's hear them! Please stay safe and keep cool. Thanks for all the follows, likes, shares and comments I'm closing in on 10k followers thanks to y'all hitting up the "follow" button.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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