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#FrameItFriday (week 34, season 3)

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

#FrameItFriday (week 34, season 3)

How'd your week go? I went from floating around a lake taking photos of wildlife to shooting a whack of houses inside and out back here in the city. Night and day. Night. and. Day. Of COURSE I prefer to paddle and shoot obviously but if I don't do the paid stuff I can't afford the gas in my kayak. lol

I'm slowly scrolling through the 1,000s of shots I took up north. That's the thing with digital, you shoot and shoot and shoot and fill the card. I sometimes overshoot when I see something that I've never seen before. It's like " it's a ________________!" and I'm so excited I "spray and shoot". I know last week I said I'd be flooding my page with Loon shots but I had so many different shots I got distracted and posted them instead. I've got a really sweet shot of the baby loon coming up but it's in the queue and may not show up for a few more days. Speaking of shots, the one I've put up here is a snap of what I see out there in the water. Stuff blows off docks, jerky inconsiderate people litter and some folks like to make a statement out there in the wild. Out on the lake I spotted an escaped dock, a pool noodle, a tennis ball, a life jacket and beer cans. Not lots, not lots...for the most part on our lake folks have a conscience and clean up after themselves. Although the occasional wind gusts can take stuff and place it miles away. Like take that bottle of Forty Creek Whisky, now that was placed where it is by someone after a huge bender or perhaps like those poop bags you see hung on a branch on a trail "I'll get that on the way back" and never do come back. I'd have grabbed that bottle IF I could have reached it but I could not. After the whole dock spider incident and the condition of the water surrounding the whiskey bottle it will remain there until someone else grabs it or forever hang from that branch. The point is that we all have to make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and dispose of our refuse in a responsible manner. Most of us do, but there are those filthy slobs that do not and they suck! Ok, no more lecturing...I just want to say that holy my moly August is almost over! Are you ready for fall shots yet? I'm ALWAYS ready to get them but I can still wait a bit and enjoy some of the sunshine and heat a bit more. Book me up if you want some family shots done eh? I love capturing growing families especially in fall. Limited space and times available. Ok, I have to go buzz the husband's hair and get some groceries so talk to you all later. If you've got anything exciting going on or ideas for shots for me to take, leave your comments below. Nice chatting. Peace, love and kumbaya Heather #PhotoBlog #KayakCameraGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer#CanonWhatElse #FortyCreekWhiskey

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