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#FrameItFriday (week 34, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 34, season 2)

Wait, what? The kids go back to school in just over a week! How did that happen? Summer flew by, we've still got those exciting end of summer events such as the CNE-Canada National Exhibition the Paris Agricultural Society, Home of the Paris Fair begins, Community Charity Airshowis in like 5 days! Anybody going to any of them or all of them? I'm not sure which one I'll hit up but they're all fun times. All exciting for me to photograph but if I'm to be honest with y'all I'd rather be back up north paddling on the lake. Solitude. 10 more days and I'll be doing just that very thing. While I wait, what of the above events do you think I should hit up? If you say all of them, you'll need to wire me some money lol.

September for me is full of exciting events for me to cover so stay tuned for sneak peeks. There's the @Brantford International Jazz Festival (which I've shot for the past 6 years and has an exciting lineup), the Sanderson Centre begins it's 100th anniversary season with some exciting shows, Robert and Ann (you don't know them) are getting married (I do shoot the odd wedding).

October I'd like to book in some family shoots, pm me if you're looking to update your family photos, my rates are reasonable and we always have a fun time.

I really am boring this week, I've been doing more talking then I have shooting and that makes a dull blog, with the exception of the photo I've posted this week. Of course it's of the #StellaCat, all rested from her holidays and oblivious to the fact she has 10 days before we do the whole barfing, pooping, drooling car ride back up to #StudioNorth again. I took this last night with my phone, you can sort of see her paw, it was "clenched" to my hand as she played a little "catch that mouse" on my iPad. She seemed a bit more involved in the game last night because she "almost caught a chipmunk" up at the cottage last week. Now she thinks she's Cat's Ass of Hunters lol.

Enjoy the weekend and those people with kids going back to school shortly, hit me up if you want some back to school celebratory shots done. Don't forget to "like" me on Facebook, "follow me" on Instagram and Twitter and comment and share. Me likes that.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya, Heather

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