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#FrameItFriday (week 33 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 33 season 5)

Thank you to the one person who tried to hazard a guess at what we named the beach by our campsite. I know in the big world, who really cares what we named the beach right? I appreciate you (you know who you are<3 ) who took a guess with a couple of epic names like "Mooseless Beach" and "Sonova Beach" lol but we ended up calling it "Leech Beach" after I walked along the length of it and back only to discover 3 or 4 tiny ones had latched on and snuggled in between my toes. We all forgot salt, burning them off was not a safe option so I picked them off. No-one bothered to take a guess at what bonehead move I did either. Ok, no problemo, I'll lock that bad memory in the vault and never do THAT again. You all had your chance to find out what happened but none of you asked.

It was pretty cool walking across beaver dams, they're a bit bouncy and if you miss-step your whole right leg can get sucked down into it and it's tricky pulling your leg back out and keep your water sandals on. A seasoned paddler told me that the Rangers always say, "feel free to knock down the dam" the beavers are a nuisance on this river. I learned that paddling along the tight serpentine creek and you think you're alone, you are not. There are many, many little frogs hiding in the river hair (long stringy grass in the water) the whole length of the river. Sometimes you'd put the paddle in right beside them and they wouldn't budge an inch. So, suffice it to say I've got some frog shots coming up but absolutely ZERO moose shots. Zip.Nada. Shutout again. I'm cursed I tell you, I need an exorcism or something. Since I was always the paddler that "brought up the rear" or whatever you call it I developed a silent signal my kids could use if we were approaching some wildlife. I'm so happy they used it quite a bit on our return as pickings were slim back on the campsite. My son and daughter-in-law pointed out the approaching geese, my daughter spotted the Eagle. I appreciated the heads up because paddling up a narrow winding creek and trying to take shots of moving objects and keep the kayak in place was a tad tricky. A lot of the time I missed out by the time I raised my camera. I lost a selfie stick to the black waters, I didn't want to drop my big old camera as well. It would sink like the Titanic (besides, I've already done something like that before).

In conclusion (to the most boring blog ever) I'd just like to say that those ridiculous dragonfly head ornaments work for the most part. There's always that one stubborn deer fly but ya, they work pretty well and they're only $5 ea at Giant Tiger. 8hrs of driving (there and back), 10.5 hrs paddling (there and back) it was an amazing trip because I got to spend it with my son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grand puppy. I can't wait until next year's trip! I'll try and get more creative with my writing next week ok, no promises, summer is short and I've been distracted. Oh ya and the photo? It was taken by me at the god-awful hour of 5:45am or something like that. I wish I didn't sleep in all the time!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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