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#FrameItFriday (week 32 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 32 season 4)

Well another week, another blog. I've found that unless I plan for it, my camera has taken a back seat to life around here. The 16 tomato plants I ambitiously crammed in to our sweet raised garden beds have turned in to a jungle. I'll be cutting back on that nonsense next year. There's a gazillion of those cherry tomatoes that ripen daily which is cool but the beefsteak ones are the ones I seriously want to put to the taste test but they're still green. I can't wait to have a few slices of them because the one's we get at the store.....fugedaboutit! Radishes I do not understand at all. I mean they're ok tasting but I couldn't devour a bowl of them. I pulled one out of the ground the other day and it was the size of tennis ball. Haven't sliced it open but I've a feeling it will taste like chewing on a stick, maybe my grand puppy will like it? The carrots I need a magnifying glass to see (not the tops, just the carrots themselves. So much for the peppers, they're a lost cause. Zucchini? They're huge ass plants with big leaves, big flowers and the leaves scratch your arms when you go hunting for the actual zucchini. Cucumbers? 1.....ONE!!!!! Peppers? ZILCH BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT Oh happy days, those little peas in a pod? Got a lot of them and they rarely make it in to the house, they're gobbled up en-route. Romaine is doing so-so, strawberries so-so and of all the sunflower seeds I planted only one grew. There's 3 or 4 more growing in the strawberry patch most likely because some birds ate last year's sunflowers and pooped the seeds out over the strawberry patch. Needless to say my dream of having a field of sunflowers has been no photos of folks frolicking amongst them. As far as photography goes, I've got a few plans to explore some super cool places and I'm looking forward to booking in folks for some fun photo shoots. You'll be happy to hear that I've given up on Herons (unless they're trying to swallow a catfish, I'm not interested lol) I want to shoot people (with my camera) so let's go folks, let's get some shots done! Thanks to me being the dump person I've acquired some pretty cool items from there that will be PERFECT to use in some shots. Oh and I'm interested in hearing about some cool locations to go and take shots at, pm me your secret spots, abandoned places, farms, barns, waterfalls, mushrooms etc. I'd love to go check them out. Welp, time to pitter-patter, rumour has it we're going to have our very first bonfire tomorrow night, it's much more relaxing than the necessary burn barrel smokefests we've been having. We're even going to get out the horseshoes, cornhole, ladder ball game for some special guests. What are you getting up to this weekend? Whatever it is, have fun and stay safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


P.S.-Should I have a contest for a free photoshoot? Stir up some excitement? Lemme know.

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