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#FrameItFriday (week 23 season 4)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

#FrameItFriday (week 23 season 4)

Discovering and learning lots about "shtuff" here in the country. An example would be: learned a new shortcut to the hardware store that takes me past a pond that had two great white herons or egrets. Not sure exactly what they are but when I post the image I'll be sure and ask all you bird nerd buddies here. I was hoping it was a nesting pair and was without camera (of course) when I first spotted the pair. On my second trip to the hardware store a few hours later I took my camera and got a so-so shot of one of them. The second one had "flown the coop" or was on a nest somewhere, I hope. I'll be doing drive-bys with my camera in the next week and see if I can track them down again. We've come across minks, porcupines, Wilson Snipe (lifer) and what I think is a Black Billed Cuckoo (another lifer if I ID'd it correctly). Some of these critters I captured some ok shots of, some were "fleeting" shots like the porcupine. Those guys are surprisingly swift-footed and climb trees. I even ventured across a ditch and into the brush to try and get a decent shot of him/her. I acquired a multitude of mosquito bites on that brilliant idea that netted me a pretty poor shot of a porcupine's butt. I can share it but you'll have to beg a bit because it's not that great of a shot. At least I did not have any ticks hop on me (that I know of).

About this image you see here. I know it as a Lady's Slipper (the kind that wouldn't fit on my feet) but I looked it up and it's also been called "moccasin flower" or "camel's foot" (not toe, that's gross) "squirrel foot", "steeple cap", "Venus shoes" and a "whippoorwill shoe" of all things. I think I'll just leave it at "lady's slipper". Pretty cool flower eh? They're becoming quite rare to see in the wild so if you see one, just take a photo of it. Don't pick it, please!

Keep watching here because I've teed up a few shots I managed to get of 3 different herons, some in flight when we paddled the river the other day. I'm also getting up the nerve to post a photo of my new "country photographer outfit" I've created. Who knows, perhaps I'll start a new clothing line lol. The country air is morphing me into a crazy lady that runs out to the road when the county roadside lawn mower rolls by to cut the long grass that lines the road along your property line. That's correct, we are STILL waiting on the riding lawn mower. Part of me prays for rain for the farmers and our little veggie garden and the other part of me prays for no rain so it's easier for the Lawn Boy to use the push mower until the tractor comes in. Such a dilemma.

Time for a walk, better suit up in my Dolce and Heatheranna tick boots and matching black mesh headgarb. Maybe I'll post a selfie of that, perhaps I won't. Stay safe kids and enjoy the weekend.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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