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#FrameItFriday-week 33, season 2)

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

#FrameItFriday (week 33, season 2)

Man, that week away flew by, guess that meant we had a great time! (yes, we had an amazing time but it was way too short)

As you can see by the photo this week, I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed and made it down to the dock with my camera. I'm so glad I did.

The silence at this time of day is deafening. The chairs are covered in dew so you get a soaker when you sit and watch the sun rise. Who cares, you get views like this one and it changes every second. Very serene, peaceful and a cool spot to meditate (If one meditates that is)

I'm still "summering" here at our house. Are there things that you do annually before the kids go back to school? Some must do, places to visit, events to attend? I find we always end up down at Long Point for a beach walk and a stop in Dover for a Perch "LINNER". It's a fun tradition.

In less than two weeks it's our city's annual Air Show....I have thousands and thousands of airplane, parachute shots but I always go out for more. Some folks trek to Toronto to the CNE or around here attend the Paris Fair. There certainly are a lot of choices and a lot of cool photo opportunities. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

However you choose to spend your final weeks of Summer I hope it's enjoyable. For those of you with kids heading back to school, I'm sure I know of a few of you who are counting the minutes until that day.

I'm ramping up here for a very busy Fall so if you're thinking of family photos, book me soon as I've very limited times available.

Thanks if you've read along this far, it's kind of a boring blog this week but I do believe the photo more than makes up for it, am I right? Wouldn't a print of this look amazing on one of your walls or in your office? Change your view for a bit? DM me if you're interested in a copy. As usual feel free to like, share, comment and follow!

Have a swell weekend, stay safe.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya,


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Two Red Muskoka Chairs, bring coffee......

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