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#FrameItFriday (week 32, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 32, season 2)

Well, we did it, we finally got away to our place of solitude #StudioNorth. In spite of the fact that #StellaCat pooped twice, barfed multiple times and drooled like a baby all before we made it out of our neighbourhood! Poor thing but it sure was a quiet 4 hour drive. Now before you have a pity party for the cat she's more than made up for her rocky start and is currently bugging us to build her a catio at home. She's fine and rated her experience thus far 6 stars on Trip Advisor lol.

OK ENOUGH about the cat.

We've been out paddling lots but if you ever want to see me at my worst it's when I'm frantically packing $20k of camera gear into my dry bag for the umpteenth time because a storm is blowing up our arse and we're in the middle of the lake. happened two days in a row. I know, first world problems right? Well to whine a bit more it seemed as though as soon as "Heather was getting her shooting groove on" I'd hear "storm's coming" and I'd either bite my tongue or let loose a string of non-ladylike words to the darkened skies.

However, I've seen with my own two eyes an Eagle, an Ospry, couple of Herons and about 8 or 9 loon couples (or the same couple 8 or 9 times, they don't wear name tags). That's another thing, do I have photos of all of these things? NOPE. Just the Heron and a few loons....

OK ENOUGH whining.

Let me tell you about a couple of encounters we've had with the Loons. We were in another bay by my friends cottages. We spotted 2 loon couples out for a paddle and some dinner. We were crossing the bay to head home, they all were fishing and when they're doing that taking photos is futile. They pop up ahead of you, stick their faces in the water and dive under and pop up a few seconds later 1000s of feet away. Futile. One gets so caught up in chasing Loons (at least we do) we forget about their predators. The loon closest to us suddenly explodes out of the water shrieking like a banshee and proceeds to breast stroke in a huge circle around our kayak. What had we done? Nothing, zip, nada....I'm sure the cottagers on shore were thinking we were murdering them. We weren't, we just wanted to go home and were minding our own business. I was perturbed, what caused the ruckus (my friend thinks it might have been a Muskie or Snapping Turtle below the surface may have triggered it's manic outburst). Finally we've crossed the bay and come around the peninsula only to cross paths with another loon couple, like within feet of each other almost too close for Trixie my lens...that is what the photo is of, one of the loons. It was a surprisingly chill moment...Paul and I in our kayaks gliding past this handsome loon couple. I'm sure one of them nodded "good evening" to us. It wasn't until I uploaded the photos when I noticed it....can you see it? I do believe it's "smuggling" it's young 'un. So sly.

I have to go, Paul is chomping at the bit to get back out there and get some proper shots. I want to get out there too! Have a groovy weekend! Peace, Love and Kumbaya Heather #StudioNorth #KayakCameraGirl #TeamCanon #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer

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